Daily Discussion Thread for September 14, 2022

  1. Yes, MM's want some more of your delicious exit liquidity so they can slowly rotate into bonds. Tomorrow's little pump (and I believe there will be one) will be very tasty for them to slowly, slowly bleed out like leeches over the remainder of the day while contracts rot.

  2. Not gonna lie, I am a bit surprised it closed at $395 today. Felt like a $390-391 sort of day. That's alright. There is always tomorrow.

  3. honestly, i knew that was going to happen, but because i knew it was gonna happen, i didn't put any money down on it, because whenever i put money down, it inverses me. in other news, i didn't know that X and ZIM were going to shit all over the god damn fucking floor again jfc

  4. Bulls FAILED to buy a lot of stocks on the day after the second greatest dump. They are SCARED of buying, just as they are scared of buying groceries due to UNSTOPPABLE INFLATION.

  5. Some of you are following support on SPY. They raised it above support at close. Wall st will not let their trend line go away. I hope these motherf***** burn

  6. Sincerely, I was thinking of pulling tarot cards and then trading, and making a YouTube channel following how successful it was. Might be even more absurd than a goldfish, at least the fish is reacting to something 😂

  7. Some poor bastards out there were diamond handing SPY 390 0 DTE puts, freaking gripping the arm rest of his seat, only to have a massive green dildo snatch every last penny from the jaws of victory.

  8. Buying short dated puts after such a huge drop? Usually a no no, buying long dated puts is a much safer and more guaranteed way to make money in the end. Might have a tiny bounce before to dump more

  9. I want to get updates on whatever whales bought all those $296 QQQ calls and then forced the market there.

  10. Bbby about to moon. They pumping HDK stock again. Last time they pumped it, bbby went to $30 around week later

  11. They are cash cows and can easily cut expenses if needed. Right now they are spending on metaverse but it’s basically discretionary and can be cut back if needed

  12. DCA prevents the market from ever fully pricing in bad news, and triggers otherwise unsubstantiated upward momentum.

  13. Man WISH is starting to look juicy. Its bound to 2-3X randomly at some point. I just hope it doesn't wait until it's at 0.25 and bounce to 0.75.

  14. Thank you for another opportunity to load up on cheap October puts. They will do very well for me when the FOMC minutes talk about the possibility of 100bps.

  15. Def think so but at same time QQQ bouncing around 293 EOD yesterday and all day today, seems like a potential setup for a bounce.

  16. Pffffftt the people in here talking like bears just got wiped out. How quick we are to forget the ass gaping from yesterday.

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