Daily Discussion Thread for September 01, 2022

  1. if there's a recession, why are all the small retail co posting ER beats? mkt is falling bc the megarich and politicians "magically" put out hawkish statements just as giant put blocks appear in time and sales. what a "coincidence". corruption everywhere

  2. Anyone ever turn like a small amount of money into a fuck ton from consistently taking small profits on weekly spy calls/puts that you trade daily?

  3. I made 600% in a month and a week before I ran out of day trades. Now I'm in SMAR calls and just waiting

  4. why don't you just see if people put money where their mouth is and check put call ratios and option volumes

  5. This guy gets it. Pissy bears in here apparently don’t like solid companies undervalued with high potential over the same old pump and dumps. Their loss

  6. $996 realized losses today, vs $1484 realized gains yesterday... BUT set myself up for bigtime gains for the rest of the month and still have $45-50k cash to play with for shorter term plays.

  7. Hold until $100+ should be easy especially after the quiet period ends and PR begins along with ER release in coming weeks

  8. Sold TSLA puts at the bottom of today for a $5,000 gain. Waited one hour, bought them back, proceeded to not check my account till EOD. Down $6k at close

  9. I almost did the same thing with meta puts then remembered to not fight the market and bought a couple grand of 0dte spy calls. It shouldn’t go up, but it will.

  10. Honestly I think the last remaining wise WSBers frequent this thread, the rest of the forum is overtaken by meme garbage

  11. What would you rather do, take a girl on a first date, and be pretty sure you’ll go far, or catch the opening week of football…

  12. I lost my virginity on a super bowl Sunday many moons ago. I don't remember who was playing that year and I don't remember the girls name either. So flip a coin. It doesn't matter.

  13. Opening week. My home team,chiefs, play cardinals away week one. I live in Phoenix and have tickets. No way anything but death is making me miss that game

  14. Dang, I am only up 30%. China deliveries supposed to come out soon. Li Auto and Xpeng did terrible. I assume TSLA ate up their demand.

  15. today was blind money day. tons of money gets DCAed into large cap stocks the last hour of the first trading day of the month. easy money.

  16. Damn, loaded in 500 bucks today and down 344 from the pump. This shit is hard, I need a book or something

  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/x33kn7/comment/imo0lq3/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  18. Kinda impressed it shot back up to green. But rip my 390 puts for tomorrow LOL. “Averaged” down earlier. Shoulda just stopped when I sold my qqq puts at what appears to be todays bottom.

  19. Alright, today required complete focus on the price action....not a bad sesh and ready for tomorrow.

  20. Hi, my name is Jeff with Geyber news outlet. I’m looking to do an interview with a geyber if there are are left alive out there?

  21. Gonna laugh my ass off when memes gape your assholes so hard you beg for death. That’s what I live for....all the anti-merican cucks to melt away to nothingness.

  22. Yeah I agree. I'm not even a bear, I'm red on every position, but this doesn't feel like a rational pump. There are too many macro issues for there to be any kind of sustained rally at this point

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