What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, August 31, 2022

  1. Like I posted yesterday I said KYNC was going to explode and it was up 25% today and there is no end in site! I’m buying up millions everybody should be jumping on this!

  2. No one ever talks about the number one greatest argument for being bullish. Diabetes. If 75% of the obese, sugar and vegetable oil addicted population die right around retirement age due to chronically high levels of blood sugar and chronic illness the rest of us don't have to pay for their sorry asses for another 30 years. Two-thirds of lifetime medical costs are incurred after the age of 85 which is paid primarily by the taxpayer. Eat on fatasses.

  3. 30SEP EXP SQQQ 50-55 spread if you like money. Use a spread to get the average cost down. Debit limits losses. Don’t be retards

  4. Anything but the most detailed and credible announcement from BBBY this morning - I’m talking debt consolidation strategy, new board, change in operations, selling off of BABY for further $1bn cash injection, BBBY turning into a shell to be bought out as additional stations in a logistical framework…

  5. No wonder labor numbers keep coming in so strong, we’re over a million dead from Covid, no one’s having kids and boomers keep retiring. What are the odds we find ourselves in a pickle like Japan did in the 80’s?

  6. I also think latest earnings were inflated by splurging from covid fatigue. People aren't hesitating to swipe their credit cards. Household debt is at ATH. Not expecting a flash crash like 2008, but honeymoon is over and I could see a slow grind down after midterm elections throughout most of 2023. Especially if rates continue to rise and disposible income decrease due to stock portfolio loss.

  7. Stoked on my Europe timing. I’m going in November and I’m saving like 20% because of the Euro losing its value lol.

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