Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of August 27, 2022

  1. Can't wait for the GOT prequel show. Episode 1 was great. Hopefully, they don't fuck this up like they fucked up GOT's last season.

  2. Ask to speak to the manager where you bought it. It worked for me with my broker when my portfolio got shredded by a ceiling fan. Just explain that you are from WSB and they will understand that you are challenged. Good luck!

  3. I think that's it for equities for another generation or two. The worm has turned. The low inflation environment that has allowed the FED to drop interest rates to zero and keep them there will not be seen for quite some time. Ber time is here.

  4. Michael Burry responded to my craigslist ad looking for someone to mow my lawn. "$30 is $30", he said as he continued to mow what was clearly the wrong yard. My neighbor and I shouted at him but he was already wearing muffs. Focused dude. He attached a phone mount onto the handle of his push mower. I was able to sneak a peek and he was browsing Zillow listings in central Wyoming. He wouldn't stop cackling.

  5. You know, I've almost forgotten what it's like to have to go to work Monday to Friday. What does it feel like?

  6. What happens when they flip out their 10-incher in front of you? Does a lambo compensate? I wouldn't think so, but I'm not a female.

  7. Powell is bluffing. He can't screw Turkey with the war in Ukraine. He can't trigger a Euro crisis. And he can't make the dollar even stronger with the current account deficit at record highs.

  8. Stupid, but brave - I like your chances! I held about 3/4 of mine but they are way in Oct/Nov and deep in the money at this point.

  9. Only 2 hours until BIGLY GREEN futures! Looking for 1.5-2% gap up 😎. I don’t know about you, but I’m betting on AMERICA 🇺🇸.

  10. The coins are trying to put in some lows, back under 20k. Might be a risk off indicator to give a bloody Monday... pleeeeeeeeeease :D

  11. Every time I see that it's 3:57am/pm I put a .357 magnum in my mouth and play Russian roulette. 🤷

  12. Stock Market was oversold on Friday. Overreaction. Bond market barely showed a murmur, so this shit was priced in. Now that equities had their correction and shook out any irrational bulls, think we’ll probably trade sideways for the next few months until inflation gets down to 3 and the printer gets turned back on.

  13. People used to work six days a week, 11 Hours a day, lol. It's always funny when people say things like that because I have no context

  14. You basement dwellers want to be rich? I have a fool proof plan, you start a v-tuber twitch channel and use a voice changer thing and make every effort to make other basement dwellers believe they are watching a girl and profit off of them.

  15. Finally seeing confirmation of damage nat gas prices are doing in Europe. Pub just said their bill is going from 1700 to 6700 a month. Not a chance they can afford that increase so they are lying off a few servers. Comments on the post were a bunch of Europeans saying they are getting nailed 6-8x increases on residential. Europe is fuuuuuuucked!

  16. why don't they just burn trash in the furnace? it's totally green that way. they can recycle the trash into heat for the pub and give the pub that smokey smell that everyone likes

  17. AAPL is significantly higher than it was the last time SPY was at these levels. So we can assume if AAPL were to re test it’s lows we would see a fresh year low on the S&P

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