BBBY Megathread for Wednesday August 17th, 2022 🍉🚀

  1. Because this System does only work when as much people are investing as possible. Its some kind of motivation work mixed up with some sales. What and how much u finally invest is part of the game. A high investment could lead to big growth of your bank account. Saying that, high means high and not stupid high as fuck as it finally ruins you if the system wont work out. At the end of the day only u can do this kind of risk management. If you really lost your life savings in a non recoverable way, then you should leave asap, you cant handle risks properly.

  2. Sold half on Friday both BBBY & AMC, saved a few duckets, will rebuy at lower price on AMC and BBBY if it starts back up In essence - kept half AMC to obtain APE - if indeed they're both both only $9 each I can choose which one I want to buy at that price. I thought I'd have AMC at price of the day & my free gift APE worth pennies, would have bought millions of APE, and buy more AMC to boost that too. But the surprise half price value of AMC didn't feel good. Still like movies, still glad I get some APEs, not glad AMC only worth $9, glad I save a few 1000 on Fri, and will buy those I sold for $18 back for $9 - So what, I miss half the APEs I was going to receive as a gift bcz it no longer was a gift and I did choose to buy them at $9 a share. I'm still holding Hycroft til some chicanery pops up there. Precious metal has intrinsic value so hopefully it begins to show it's head

  3. Wish was so, but to see the CEO sell all his shares, like he knows it's trash or trying to make it so, was heartbreaking - if he cared a pittance for the company and stockholders who helped him retire with grace & valuable stock, he could have kept some to support the the new regime and retain an upcoming image - Without a care he told the world, Bed Bath &Beyond is not sustainable, not worth a dime, so with that announcement he took his money & mine too!

  4. I am going to hold to see if I can get some pocket change for my small investment. I will probably lose it, but who cares I will just stay home and not drive this month.

  5. Great idea, if you have few thousand friends with big pockets it may work. Or a couple of whales willing to bet their own money. To me - this gamble is over. Cohen fucked this thing up while made some money for himself. His calls were just a distraction, a carrot for the poor. And it worked. But I lost only 250$, I feel bad for the people who invested more than they could afford losing.

  6. I'm watching you retards and I just don't get it BBBY is a $1.4 billion cap zombie they're losing their ass and they probably won't make it 2 weeks past Christmas if that far some dude a while back posted on PAA it has $8.3 billion cap and is printing money and it sports a 1970s PE ratio I guess I'm just not retarded enough? Going balls deep PAA and will moon if any one of following happens...war oil spike or dollar crash... and if none of that happens it's an ATM looking at Jan 2024 calls... does Wendy still have a frosty?

  7. Got out at 20 with minimal loss early today thank the fucking lord I did. And fuck meme stocks and fuck Wall Street bets I’m done with this shit.

  8. 27->12.15 in one day, that hurts, not just the monetary loss but more importantly family credence, from hero to zero overnight,

  9. ABANDON SHIP. The gamma squeeze play is over. There will be no buying by the MMs because none of the calls are ITM anymore. The game is over. My score is $28 -> $18

  10. Why they didn’t do an offering a la AMC is why they will go under. They have an idiotic, sclerotic board and CEO.

  11. Really want to put the grind to Cramer! He keeps leading people the wrong way. BBBY has seen adverse times before and will pivot. Let's squeeze these turds!!! LOL

  12. What I don't understand is who the f* is still buying? That guy basically said in his filing he started selling on Tuesday, plan to sell everything... and the company basically came out and said they want to sell stock to the suckers on the market. The rate they losing money, probably need to raise $300 mil just for next few months.

  13. I’m sick of you pussies saying it’s gonna go up every day, hoping you’ll be right eventually. Let’s bet real money on it. I’ll bet $1000, now make your prediction.

  14. good video clip to meme too. people pulling strings. blue and white interior for main dance sequence. if i had software that let me motion track id make it happen.

  15. Can anyone tell me if this is what took place during the GME drive? I wasn't involved but I am now with BBBY and I can't decide if I've been played or not. I bought at $27 yesterday so down 35%, where is the bottom?

  16. what are you basing this on? lmao. there is literally zero buy side pressure right now. when you trade with hopes and feelings, that is when you get fucking shit on.

  17. I wanted to post a photo from “Titanic” where the musicians are still playing as the ship goes nose down…I think yesterday we’ve seen the captain loading into a boat.

  18. Mfs selling are the same guys we tell to not come to the poker house. You’re not made for this shit. This is big it’s only!!! Small risk small reward and vice versa. You want a small win buy a blue chip and wait 5 years. I e lost 1000 on a coin flip. It didn’t feel good but that’s how it goes, when you’re a bottom feeder you can go spend your little ass money on stupid shit from Walmart or get it in and actually die saying you made it or gave it a hell of a go trying but you weren’t a scared bitch when you were down a few k.

  19. Anyone else getting DMs from new accounts wanting to discuss bbby? I guess it’s proven that Reddit can influence the market.

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