$BBBY Megathread 8/16/2022

  1. Serious here. I bought a bunch of bbby at 13 and I have been holding, but I can’t figure out why anymore. Looks very much like the company is crashing and it’s just bouncing from FOMO. Someone talk my paper hands into diamond hands please.

  2. Don't listen to anyone but yourself. But do realize ftd is through the roof and si is 60% so Friday, Monday and Tuesday should be great days IMHO but in the end its your money and your call to make. Also bbby will not be going bankrupt anytime soon they still own multiple other businesses and own the buildings for them as well I do know they sold some of there properties and made a deal to lease some of them back but they still own a shitload of them plus they have access to $1 billion credit and just got a $500 million dollar loan.

  3. Folks when ceo”s are jumping outta windows its time to hedge your bets and short the puss out of this dog unless they pull a friggin rabbit out of there ass with marshmellows on top. if this stock goes up in value thats living proof stock market is a 100 percent fraud and we should all walkaway that day or also jump.

  4. You, my fine retard, do truly belong here. Or in a mental institution. Either way, Godspeed and may the odds be ever in your favor.

  5. At the end of the day, that end is horrific. For all. If I was hurt by his pillage, I did not know. I’m sure many fin peeps will be sorry one way or another. I’m sorry for all who are traumatized by this level of despondency. It cuts to the bone. Money makes people sick.

  6. This thread is archaic. Inaccurate, soooo full of 💩💩💩 that if anyone is buying / believing this BS will lose their assess!!!!

  7. It either just goes on a run from opening bell to the end of the day or morning dump hard and slow recovery to green by end of day

  8. It usually runs up a bit after open, peaks around 10 - 11am and then drops a bit. Or it crashes. Or rockets. Maybe levels off. So one of those for sure.

  9. It’s probably T+35 for reg sho (trading days) but the announcement may kick things sooner than that. Realistically it may take longer than you are thinking

  10. I have a question, brief info, I have 2 put positions on BBBY one expiring this week and another expiring in sept. Why is the one expiring in sept currently worth more than the one expiring this week?

  11. Go buy something at GME BBBY and Baby Retail locations. About to be like Black Friday up in there. Post your receipts here.

  12. I’ve lost so much I’m just gonna hold my 13 shares and let it die quietly, or their may be another squeeze in which I’ll say well that’s good, and sell for a profit! I won my money back at the casino playing craps with friends lol. Either way i’m chillin’ it was fun watching it run up 80% or whatever it was though!:)

  13. What if RC sold before launch to avoid allegations of insider trading/manipulation questioning when it does?? All his profits go to BBBY right? So many rumors, so little real info. Hell I don’t know.

  14. Last year, GME also lost 90% of its actors, and if the short squeeze went off right after that, the same symptoms are seen this time, so the big hands are so cheap that they're starting to collect themselves Everyone, fighting! TO THE MOON, short quiz! Let's go!

  15. Don't get left holding the bag, it's happened to me, and I'm even sleeping with the wife of the guy whoes been holding longterm.

  16. Day 1 (for me) I bought in at $13. As it cruised up and up to $26 I set a stop loss for $23. I sneezed and it triggered. Meh. Free money. Who can complain about that?

  17. This! RC had shit to do with this. It was both enormous shorting and retail sell offs. Combine that with news fud (all at once) and you have yourself a bbby disaster.

  18. This is why you buy some puts when taking a bull position on a crazy-volatile stock. Enthusiasm is great, but temper it with a defensive plan just in case. It will keep you in the game to win another day.

  19. Damn... Dropped like a rock but I may actually grab a few hundred shares. it may not go to 80/share but it could easily get back to 20/share.

  20. I wish Cowen would buy a few more shares to demonstrate his faith in BBBY. That would be one hell of a catalyst! I guess the award of Options Aug 8-14th didn't do much for the momentum. Come on Cowen. YOLO for BBBY!

  21. Had some money to spend and was looking for something fun to buy, saw that yall apes are fighting the stock market again lol.

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