Daily Discussion Thread for August 16, 2022

  1. OK RC dumped us, so be it. Stock dumped. He only held a small percentage in the big picture but made allot of money leaving us holding the bag and big losses. Only one shareholder. I'm sure some of the group may have sold their shares. I lost but I'm saving mine and probably buy more with the big drop today/tomorrow when the dust settles. I'm in and no use selling now with what I lost as well. What the heck, can't lose much more, It's at 10.64 and now the price is even better. Sucks now but will see it get better now that the news is done and over. I ain't giving up!!!!!

  2. holy f take your gains while you still have them. the pumpers who bought these shares under $5 are going to dump. $8 to $25 is winning the game. Maybe this sub does need to get shutdown straight up p&d from these douchebags.

  3. I own 400 shares of BBBY. I just put in a market order for 420 shares. Now I won’t sleep tonight.

  4. Are there any conspiracy theories behind BBBY like there is with GME? Or are we just buying it because why the fuck not? Hope it’s the latter.

  5. In 2010 I was 14, I was asking my parents for their credit card to buy bitcoin, but I just couldn’t convince them… so I never looked at BTC again untill 2020

  6. Is Bristol-Myers Squibb a good stock to get into? I’ve had multiple people tell me and take a long-term investment but I wanted to hear what you guys had to say?

  7. IMO yes. They acquired Celgene and picked up a large immuno oncology pipeline with that. So I think long term they will pay off nicely. But DYOR and decided for yourself

  8. I had 100 x GME $50C in my options graveyard down 70% this morning, and I ended up getting out +90%. I almost missed the sale because my BBBY were pumping too. What a fucking day, I have more money in my cash sweep than I had in my entire account yesterday.

  9. on some real shit should i make a calll for aug 19 or should i just buy the stock and sell it normally rather than just making a call

  10. Today I was up 1500 and I walked with 650. Almost panic sold BBBY at 18. But I tickled me teats n held in there. See you tomorrow

  11. Just need more than 1.2% down to BE which is in the realm of possibilities. Good luck on your 435's, if we go to 435 tomorrow all my longs will make up for the small loss

  12. Can someone make a case for FUBO? Is everyone trying to pump it or think it’s going up organically? They seem to be burning/loosing money as a company.

  13. It is being manipulated by hedges to distract us from BBBY. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. BBBY ONLY NOTHING ELSE, DON’T LET THEM DIVIDE US

  14. Do not get distracted by other stocks. Only way we can make sure BBBY goes up is if we put all our money in it. Once we start splitting our attention on different stocks it will end up halting. BBBY ONLY FOR THE NEXT MONTH LETS GET IT UP TO $200!

  15. Investing and trading is not a group project. I would absolutely fuck over every one of you in a trade if it would make me tendies.

  16. You know it’s bad when Cramer is telling for companies to offer more stock to sate the short sellers. What a shill fuck

  17. For people just now buying in I understand the FUBO train though. BBBY right now could leave you with some serious bags. On the other hand, FUBO has plenty of room left to run.

  18. All it took was SPY kissing the 200d SMA for it to drop almost 1% in 30 minutes. We aren't out of the bear market yet.. but We're definitely gonna retest it tomorrow.

  19. GME initially did the same shit went from 20 to 60 back to 40 in a day and a lot of folks thought that was that you know what came after

  20. What if we dump it then pump it then dump it then pump extra high then do a mega dump to end kinda flat - Prob some HF maybe

  21. New here, got some bbby yesterday at 13. Pretty happy with today but we still riding. Realistically what are we tryna get to

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