What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, July 25, 2022

  1. Is corn finally fucked? WMT earnings show recession despite anything those numpties in the White House claim...

  2. A little late to say... WMT puts but that was mine. I usually pick one from a YT I follow. Not sure how he called that and target out of his 3 for this week but he nailed it

  3. Remember when SPY went hit 400 for 18 seconds on Friday morning before get pushed back to 397 in the next 90 seconds? That was fun.

  4. I just moved into a new home and I’m starting to hear weird noises coming from the attic. I hope these noises will eventually go away on their own

  5. If soft and quiet noises that stop when you make a noise then probably mice, if heavier then it'll be rats, if it's big, frenetic and crazy then it'll be squirrels. You'll want to sort asap, they'll chew their way through everything, especially wiring.

  6. Y'all don't think GDP / recession announcement is priced in yet? I mean it's blatantly obvious it's gonna be negative...

  7. Ewe, the latest Covid bug is pretty rampant RN. It's a nasty cold with lots of sinus stuff, then a sore throat and fever. Sounds familiar?

  8. My worry is that the market pricing in fast rate cuts (lower yields) will lead to inflation being elevated for longer and encourage more Fed action.

  9. Market overreacted over Snap missing earnings last week. I thought it was pretty obvious advertisers were going to pull back from the level of ad spend during the pandemic.

  10. You should sell your -99% puts bears 😂, that is 1% more than you will get at the end of this week 😂🤣 SPY 430 EOW

  11. Quick question, I'm in the process of DRSing my shares (I know, I know - but better late than never hey?) and I found a very helpful guide on here for someone like me not living in America.

  12. Welcome to Who's line is it Anyway where JPow does improv and the futes don't matter. That's right folks, futures are like your plans to move out of your mother's basement.

  13. GME had to remove the 9/11 falling man NFT after severe internet backlash. Jesus this NFT shitstorm goldmine just keeps on giving.

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