The Boomer's bet (25% drop coming).

  1. 100% agreed it’s going to go up or down this week. Even if you had a printout of the Fed’s upcoming move you still don’t know how the market will react

  2. Never underestimate what this Fed (who we have seen dismiss historic high inflation numbers for 16 months) is willing to do to protect the markets.

  3. I mean if they want to achieve their fantasy wet dream of 3.6% 3 year inflation forecast i would not be shocked they at least attempt a 100bps hike.

  4. Thank god the people here are not fed governors. 200bps would crash markets and create mass unemployment in addition to high inflation. Add a crisis to a crisis. Such a smart fucking idea.

  5. Worst case scenario we see a slow orderly drop like 2000-2003. Bulls get fucked. Put holders never get their vol spike. Theta gang wins forever

  6. Actually its all been forecasted and the "experts" will show you after the fact..they will show they predicted crash if it crashes..theyll show you Bull run if it soars..they predict both then conveniently show you the one that happens. Cramer does it all the time.

  7. My thinking is that we are already in overbought territory. The SPY ran last week because of a lack of news. With data coming in next week, the bulls will lock in their profits. Furthermore, the shorts had been positioning the last three trading days, in expectation of the new data.

  8. There could be a big drop this week as there's lots of catalysts that can trigger it. The biggest companies and the most important earnings are this week. FOMC on wednesday with expected rate hike at 75 bps which I think is more or less set in stone, but people will listen intently to Powell's guidance and hawkish/dovish stance on the recession indicators. He's been keeping a hawkish stance last month, but we'll have to see what he thinks about the most recent numbers. Job market is still strong though, mass lay offs probably don't start until fall. GDP on thursdag, which Atlanta FED expects to be negative -1.6, and with two negative quaters in a row that could be a catalyst, though technically it's not a recession until the 7 wise men in NBER say it is, though I'm starting to think nobody cares about that and have started basing their views on data instead of jibberish expert opinions. PCE on friday that's FED gauge for inflation, and Cleveland inflationcasting shows that it's elevated even though gas prices should've been down and reduced inflation. Then we have monkeypox now that might increase fear. I don't think Biden having corona matters as it's most likely BA5, but we'll have to see on monday I guess. Otherwise I think Apple has lost its steam and is dumping right now, at least technical indicators can hint of that as it was Apple that singlehandedly carried this bear market rally. But earnings this week might tell another story.

  9. So short story, be aware of this week, gonna roll some heads scalpers, on the carpet and bunch of crying and happy people (those who loss/those who win). Right? 🥲

  10. 20% is max pain for the day and then the level 3 circuit breaker closes the market for the day. So as you can see below, dumbshit selling a newsletter doesn't even know about circuit breaker levels.

  11. All I know that Jpow was instructed by the white house to bring inflation under control by the midterms. I don't see any dovishness coming from the fed with a 9.1% CPI reading.... Sorry

  12. Some people speculate the boomer was really HoleyProfit who posted a whole series of posts explaining why they thought a bear market was coming in 2021 and then got suspended for using alts to update his warnings in subs he got banned from. And now they just periodically update on the big trade plan they put forward in 2021 as different steps of it hit.

  13. Nah nothing happening till after midterms . After that may be some before presidential election then rip to ATH six months before presidential election

  14. Given all the layoffs and slowdown in real estate I anticipate the fed going 75 tops and if 75 he could announce they will wait and see approach before going 25 to 50.

  15. Everyone knows Wednesday Jpow will pump this thing thats nothing new . No matter he said .75 or 1.00 when he say it will pop for sure . Now nobody knows the days after and the days before how deep the drop will be

  16. All I know is next week it'll keep moving to the right. Up. Down. No matter always going to the right. Wish I could place a bet on going right but knowing my luck that's when armageddon breaks out.

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