Yolo LQDT 40k to 200k not selling till it hit 1 M

  1. First, I agree that is a great trade take the money and run. However if you still want to play, take 1/2 off the table.

  2. $20 calls have bid spread of $1. Bid is $0.85 and ask is $1.85. You should take profits and stay away from illiquid options. One red day you will see bid $0.00 and ask $1.20, you will be in trouble to find buyers for these options. NFA coz I am an idiot.

  3. Taking profits can only be done when you have someone to sell to, good chance no one will buy the calls off him. Easy to fake gains on a dead option chain.

  4. This shit is so illiquid, it's almost like he's posting this on here now so he can get others to buy in and provide liquidity for him to get out bc he prolly realized he can't get out for max gains 🤣

  5. Bro owns 1371/1390 of the open interest on Aug 19 $20c, he’s posting here to get bids on his contracts come Monday. Nice “gains”, but your “144k profit” would be 77k at the bid, and there’s no liquidity. Mods should ban this guy immediately for trying to dump his bags on this nothingburger misleading post.

  6. I just checked the options chains and it looks like you own every single one of them besides for 19 contracts of the 20c.

  7. Fuck it, Sept $30s looking solid then? I’m on thin ice with my wife’s boyfriend these days and need to get some tendies badly

  8. atleast sell the Aug calls and let the rest ride you took a screen shot and posted take profits as soon as you can or update when it's at zero gl hope you cash out some of it....good job and fuck you

  9. You’re 100% of the OI on those sept 30’s, and like 99% of those august 20’s… who you selling to if no one else trades options on the stock?

  10. Wow, your calls are currently OTM, the stock only has 225k average volume and you own all of the OI at the 20$ strike. The market makers are going to absolutely curb stomp you. 19.99 on options expiration day is guaranteed.

  11. Bought 15 dollar strike price at around $14 turned 40k into 50ish thousand put a Lot of that into 20 dollar strike price expiring a bit after earning. All the overstock that target and home depot bought during the pandemic is being sold now more than I have ever seen. Am just super bullish on it wouldn't be suppress if it hit $50 like during the 2008 crash. it hit 27 during peak covid. Ill sell my position if the stock price hits $27 per share or around that range

  12. $27 ill re analyze my position after earnings which is in a few days. If its hasn't gone up more till then ill prob sell. Its on average been going up about a dollar per day. I expect a light pull back and then a continuation to the moon

  13. I don’t understand how it benefits from a financial crisis when it was at $3 in March 2020. It rose in the same way almost all other stocks did. 🤔?

  14. After YOLO'ing in on tons of trades with way more money, I gotta tell you, you want to take half of that out and play with the rest. It's great when it goes well but it's horrible when it doesn't.

  15. Ahhh greed, the mother death of all trades. Please beauty, bring some humbleness to this gentleman and let his pain be a reminder to all other retards that playing casino will most times end in their untold suffering. Amen.

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