Death to $GME PT4. | The Definition of a Phoenix.

  1. Not only that, but his fighter pilot analogy is fucking bull shit. My dad flew f18s in the marines. He is the most risk adverse, calculated person I know. They don't give $30m planes to fucking degenerate gamblers

  2. U/WartimeMercy My family is giving me weird looks trying to figure out why I randomly started giggling uncontrollably. Thanks.

  3. So GME play was a bust because of poor timing (and planning), and then you almost blew up the remainder of your account in the same day on spy puts but managed to net out 10k profit off of ~200k worth of intraday trading (so 5% gains). Your agent was probably watching along the whole rest of the day laughing his ass off. Good shit.

  4. Good story bro! Just one question, If you can figure out how to make 10K in one day trading options, how come you haven't figured out how to make cold brew?? My dude you need to press that big "help" button on that doordash screenshot if you're paying $18 for ONE coffee! (Hint: put ground beans in cold water at night. In the morning: pour. Cost: .35 cents)

  5. I'm thinking. How does this guy still have the fortitude to still be funny 30k down on a glitch. And then boom , the SPY puts. Good job sir. And fuck you.

  6. as someone long GME and someone who has been on this sub long enough, by all means, I hope everyone buys puts on GME…

  7. I mean, he's trying to claim unrelated trades as a win taken on the positions from his original set of Death To $GME posts, but really it appears that he bet against GME and lost $30,000.

  8. This reminds me of when I first found WSB. A series of posts by autistic retards high on coke, adderal, or weed, or all three. Nothing makes sense yet everything makes sense. More like a manifesto than a post.

  9. You and I are on the opposite ends of the GME Saga, but I respect your plays and enjoyed your story. I wish more apes were as open to retail shorters.

  10. i had “out of sync” price once on gme calls. nothing to creazy as ive gambled away most of my wages already. anyhow, on saxo, youre paying $7/m to get live option prices, which i had obviously. seen around 300% profit at the time ove opened my app, buy why tf no one wants to buy them from me (at bid) as it turnes out, i have 15mins delay and $GME already tanked.

  11. Writing style = A+. You should look into writing one of them soft core romance novels. LGBearTQ+ community would love it.

  12. Yep this is disturbing, not funny. When people talk about “common sense gun reform”, this is the type of person that would not be able to own them.

  13. What a loser. Nobody cares about your hypothetical 420% gain on options you never even bought. Your stupid position blew up, you couldn’t even salvage your one winning play, and now you’re pretending like your real play was 0DTEs the whole time 🤡

  14. So YOU'RE the one giving all the discounts? thanks for the buying opportunities. See you next week, fellow retard


  16. You, my Good sir, are a fucking mad man. That was awesome. I had to hit a line off a strippers ass just to keep my hand steady to finish reading. What a rush. This is peak WSB autism. And although I'm balls deep long, with about 13000 gme shares, I applaud you.

  17. This is the level of retard I come here for. But this retard is playing in the special olympics, he’s comfortable here and I fucking love it.

  18. This was one of the most beautiful things I’ve read on WSB in months.. I see you went all the way to Andromeda and back with that jet. Even though I’m long GME, you deserve all the diamond anal beads money can buy, congrats sir.

  19. You didn't post this saga because you love money. You didn't even post it because you hate gamestop. What you wanted was attention, clout, and you got it. The question is, was it worth 60k? Peace

  20. While Schwab was giving you AIDS, I billed clients for $10k worth of range ammo in Vegas. We are not the same.

  21. OP, I agree, GME apes do not understand options and it is hell trying to engage with them on the topic. Most don’t understand how they work and it is clear that they’ve never traded them before. In all seriousness, their insistence on exercising options is the most unreasonably backwards shit I’ve ever heard. Despite never having traded options, they are under the impression that they have it all figured out, and that it is perfectly appropriate to tell other people what to do with their money.

  22. Cheers mate, was in for a variety of puts and cashed throughout the day. Unfortunately my real job sometimes interferes in my ability to optimally cashout. That's some fine maneuvering captn. I have some spreads on both side including down to $22.50 fly on

  23. I mean. I am entertained. Ill even forgive you for trying to be another Tom Cruise. One of those is too many.

  24. I may have lost money last week but this post reminds me that it's not that bad because there are other people out there who deserve to lose money more than me.

  25. This guy is the cow herder holy jesus. All he needs is some goats, maybe. With a few chickens for some fresh eggs to go with the coffee.

  26. I'm sorry I can't read more then 3 minutes straight before i need to take a nap. can you tell us why schwab wouldn't let you close?

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