There is a 30%-40% Chance We See a "Black ---day" Between July 27th and August 2nd. That's Next Week Suckas.

  1. Hi, I'm new to option trading. This would mean that if the apple stock falls below 120$, you would make a profit right (not considering the cost of the option)?

  2. Good luck trying to get a "reasonable" PE for these big tech stocks. Apple's current pe is actually good, relatively. You'll get your target entry when/if China invades Taiwan

  3. Just don’t bet to “eat your own dick.” That man decided it was better to die than eat his own dick.

  4. On macro trends? 100%. On specific date thing happening? About 50%. Odds are this DOESN'T happen. But it's far more likely to occur than normal,, so it's worth making a small risk big payout bet on.

  5. I keep reading all over Reddit this same trope. No one ever wants to sell their home due to job loss or economic difficulty. They sell when they want to, or need to, move or change houses. Upgrade, downgrade, whatever.

  6. You are wrong on Amazon. Prime days was blow outs. We are still trying to get all orders out almost 2 weeks now.

  7. Speaking of apple, they won't fail. the sheer amount of investments on their books means they'll be "overvalued" for a good long time

  8. PE is basically useless since 2018, read old fart buffets letter from 2018 if you care. Otherwise even if they miss earnings or give poor guidance ask NFLX how that went today where instead of losing 2m subs they ONLY lost 1m... rocket...

  9. There is a reason for this pump. Putting my tin foil hat on with this one but the writing is on the walls. Institutions in the US are dumping reserves on the market to shake the feds out of rates. The feds appear to be dumping money on the market in a bid to keep it propped up. Billions went missing in Chinese deposits. China also did just announce that they are putting billions into what is basically an attempt to keep the markets heart beating.

  10. I remember calculating DCF for apple with a 10% yoy revenue growth and it came out as fair price of 92$ per share… Ohh and amazon is having negative cash flow for the past 3 years so gl with that. Market is drunk now, once GDP numbers will come out the market is gonna tank 10%. Anything below 384 spy is overvalued as “reseecion being priced in” starte below -20% from ATH. Combine it with layoffs and interest rates… Also god knows when FED will finally start QT…

  11. I wonder if all these 'there is a X% chance we see Y in Z days/months/years' predictions were to be logged and checked after the fact, if they really correspond to reality.

  12. You need to stop quoting things you don't know about. The tanks are probably for a parade, if tank is called, the bystanders won't be chilling around like that. The footage is real, but anti china media are spinning the narrative. You'd see much more report from china if unrest involves tanks. Ask yourself why tanks not SWAT vehicles, which are most common in china nowadays

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