GME is about to have a bullish triple bottom break out. Rocket is about to take off.

  1. Last time I listened to you guys I made a shit ton of money and then didn’t sell in time and hated myself. Time to do it again.

  2. theres triple bottom (note to self, its way better than double bottom ) , purple wedges, diverging purple MACD, what more can a girl ask for ? bullish haha

  3. The only DD we need is Cramer shit talking GME investors. Moon is guaranteed after that. LFG!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  4. $NFTZ is made of like 6% GME. Rips hard every time GME does. Someone look at this shit and tell me I’m not retarded

  5. That pic is not mine. I grabbed it from the other sub because development nerds were making fun of me for saying alpha came after beta. I just suck with words so I just thought a picture would do better 😅

  6. Oh you silly Apes. Cramer said to forget GME. He used to be a Hedge Fund Manager. I’m going with his instincts. Surely he’s trying to help me make money. I mean gosh darn, look at the name of his program - Mad Money.

  7. It's wild how he can make the same obviously false claims so often, yet people will still believe him every time. Confirmation bias is strong with GME holders

  8. Power bottom bear reversal, Kool-Aide Man breakthrough, heiße scheiße Mondrakete, triple witch orgy broom, MYASS...

  9. This dude spent the last year+ of his life researching and posting about Gamestop and he owns....$2000 in shares.

  10. Pirates spend their whole life trying to find a treasure on a map, but what if the real treasure was the friends they made in the way

  11. I might've believed you if you didn't show how uninformed you are by saying 'beta is killing it, alpha is next'.

  12. How are people still falling for this TA bullshit? This shit barely works with any stock, and I don’t know if it’s ever worked with GME.

  13. Checks OP post history...nearly a year of constant "we moon this week!" utter nonsense posts, all of which have been dead wrong. Bet this time it's different though...

  14. Original GME run DD: real data from someone’s Bloomberg terminal, in depth analysis of volumes and float constraints, named market makers/actors with verifiable fuckery.

  15. Fyi there’s not gonna be a dip in the chart, retard. They’re just gonna change the y axis post split to adjust for the new value of shares out - just like literally every other fucking stock that splits.

  16. The only correction I have, as a charting autist myself, is that an ALPHA comes before the BETA in development. Otherwise, I love your flavor of crayons

  17. OP is right. GME looks super good. Daily bull flag too, MACD bounce and continued rising above horizontal. Golden cross forming soon. First PT would be around 200, but there’s room to 250. Gonna buy some 200c but expecting a pull back first as we’re over extended

  18. Me: Reads headline. Opens Webull to YOLO market orders on 🌖calls. Returns to Reddit to actually read the post and downvote anyone questioning the chart.

  19. Been holding since the initial run up. At this point there’s no point in selling until this thing takes off. I’ve been through the blood Red Sea.

  20. So we stopping at Uranus? Is this a powerbottom planet? Or we going straight to the black hole? Or is this the same place ? Sorry sum DD could help

  21. As a 50 yo non-gamer I walked into my first GME today. Store in Camden, Delaware. Fully stocked well lit, amd customer pre ordering Madden. Also decent prices of reconditioned equipment. I was actually impressed. Delaware is terrible for customer service and they were nice in there.

  22. Do people still care about NFT's? Honest question. I thought this was a really good idea when they announced it, but now I'm concerned the fad is running its course.

  23. Lol no. You ask NFT stans whats so useful about them and you get, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, or you get, THEY ARE LITERALLY GONNA REPLACE THE ENTIRE STOCK MARKET

  24. Coming from a generation from long ago I have no clue about them. I just buy and hold stonk. This non transferable fungus stuff is for you young-uns.

  25. Of course some people still care about Nfts. The issue is right now most nfts are used as art and they don’t really have a use outside of that. Once we see Nfts being used in other areas I would think the mainstream will start to pick it up. I’m not a fan of digital art. I’m a snob when it comes to that stuff so the nft jpgs are a bummer but once I see other use cases for them I will be very interest in their applications.

  26. Man you idiots still on GME. This is so cute. Your money would be better spent on drugs. Remember when people thought AMC was going to blast off.

  27. SMH how many times now... here it is this is it.. rocket ready time to launch lol Amc and sndl the same repetitive BS

  28. I'm not going to call you retard but please, if this time there will be again no """le epis Moon""" will you finally stop spamming this qanon level stuff?

  29. Thanks OP. Based on posts like these and Cramer calling a bottom, I’m certain the market and meme stocks are going down further than your wife on her bf last night.

  30. News j came out that they plan to do a 4-1 split soon, can someone (not sarcastically) tell me how that will affect the above post

  31. Holy shit people are still stuck under GME and trying to get others to take their place? Jesus christ you poor souls.

  32. If I had a nickel every time someone in this sub said GME is about to rocket/take off, I’d have enough to buy one share of GME

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