With that bod it's no wonder Elon gets all the ladies. Calls on $TSLA

  1. Someone asked me a while ago why I started working out. And I got a bit deeper into in than usual as I remembered reading a science-fiction book when I must have been around 6-7 about this engineer who basically created a weapon similar to a laser. The book had a scene where said engineer went for a swim and his body was described as pale, feminine and shapeless. Having read that, I immediately thought about what I DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE.

  2. I bet most people commenting how ugly he is have not took a look in the mirror. IMO he is not in bad shape. Not in great shape but not horrible shape. Better shape than most people commenting talking shit I would bet. I personally don’t like Elon and think he is gonna fail now that he has real competition.

  3. This prime example of money is everything. 9 out of 10 females pay more attention how fat your wallet is than how fat, pale or how much of an asshole you are

  4. Newsflash - apparently women do not care who impregnates the, when you are a billionaire. Who TF knew?! Not me - I put my application in to work at Wendy’s

  5. He must workout at Wendy's..double chesse , large fries , jumbo Coke and can I use these coupons dated 1984 🤔

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