I'm a fucking retard. please don't hate me

  1. It's called term life insurance...and a very high bridge. You family will have that tiny house in about 6 weeks.

  2. That's not even always true. Someone close to me just found out that the life insurance company of her husband requires them to hold it for 1 years before she's able to collect anything if something happens.

  3. Find a house that you really like, go more expensive than you’re thinking. Now wait 6 months, see that house is 100k less in value than when you wanted it. You’ve just made 100k and you haven’t risked your 1k.

  4. Alright let’s do this. Take that $1000 and go take a CDL course to be a truck driver. You’ll then make thee to four times that amount every week as a dividend from your time investment. Some people call these types of investments “jobs” but that just because they’re stupid. It’s an investment of your time. And bam bro/lady bro in a year you fuckin 100x that shit

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