Hold on to your butts

  1. So this says short volume. What’s the time period compared to June 19, 2020 time period? Is it an average of 70% for the period ending June 23, 2020 and starting when? Like, for the day? For the week? Seems like it doesn’t really mean anything. But, short interest being more helpful if we know when they need to close out short positions.

  2. That’s crazy! 70%! But than Adam Aron diluted the float 500% after and fucked all the grapes! Gme totally different. Didn’t do anything like that! I told you so shirts coming soon!

  3. He said 'It could trade to zero I don't care' and didn't wear pants on his zoom call. But it's not about fundamentals, it's the principal of HF's shorting people out of business.

  4. How to make money on AMC: Say HODL, sell your shares when it goes $1 up, then buy Puts, profit when it goes back down.

  5. If AMC flies again, it will be despite Wall St, despite their CEO, despite their board, and mostly despite WSB. I’m on the edge of my seat.

  6. Your account is one year old, you're active primarily on GME and AMC subs. Yes, lecture us about WSB.

  7. $AMC ran two times and it will run a third time… Short Data is on ATH levels. There are still over 4 million retail shareholders

  8. Short interest almost at 20% 190m shares borrowed roughly 120m shares shorted days to cover around 3.5. Numbers look better than last run up. GME looking nice with 33% short interest 15M shares DRS both stocks been 100%utilization for months now. Cheers

  9. Look at all the hate towards AMC by you pussy ass shills. I’ll see none of ya when I’m on the moon…unless ya wana make me a fucking sandwich and deliver it on my 🚀

  10. Short Volume has no correlation to actually established short positions. 70% short volume in a stock isn’t as abnormal as you think it is. On average 45% of all volume is marked as short in the markets for a verity of reasons including how brokers execute certain trades.

  11. Tracking this does little except tit jack people who still believe shorts ever are required to close their positions instead of infinately can kicking or repackaging them and forcing retirement plans to baghold them.

  12. Rip 🪦. You bought shares in brick n mortar defunct business model ya tard. Can’t remember the last time I actually saw a movie in theaters.

  13. Any sucker who thinks AMC or GME will make them rich at this point deserves to be broke and in their parents basement

  14. I've been waiting on AMC and GME to do some cool shit and take me to the moon for over a year. Now we're all sitting on a divide weather it's worth it or not. Shit on my post and let me know if my money is worth a loaf of bread or a new yacht. 🚀🍞

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