I don't know why everyone's predictions are so outrageous. Did everyone just forget the 2008 crash and how it took almost 8 years to recover all time highs?

  1. Uh wrong chart. Plus most people don’t drop money in at the top of a crash and never invest again. Everyone with an employer sponsored 401k is making regular contributions and recovering many years sooner.

  2. The recovery was so fast on that, I sold out after the year and A half bounce back and waited until 2012 to get back in. I missed out on 30+% darts on a wall. Was concerned it would pop a second time.

  3. The streets will flow with blood up to the horses bridles. Flaming mountains will crash into the sea. Scorpion tailed demon locusts will fill the skies. A third of the grass will burn. A third of the seas will boil. Men will beg rocks to fall on them so they can hide from the wrath of the lamb. The birds of the air will feast on flesh of Kings. The Euphrates river will dry up. Puts will print. Calls will expire worthless. The day of judgement comes with a fierce tempest from the four winds of heaven as the Four Horsemen trample the winepress of wrath. Wendy's goes bankrupt.

  4. You can make a shit ton of money by selling options in that kind of a market. I would like 10 years of that

  5. People here think this is going to be like 2020 so there’s a lot of fomo. They’re ignoring the fact that the fed was behind the pump then but the fed is on the other side this time. Could get ugly.

  6. Separation between a background in finance or one in economics really starting to show in people these days.

  7. We could definitely be range bound for a few years of market cooling as far as the market tanking more next week it’s the same principle as the market hitting new ATH’s like in 2020. Look at all the companies that completely collapsed in 2008. If behemoths like FB and NFLX collapsed in the next month then watch out otherwise we’re hitting the point of being range bound.

  8. Was thinking op ironically showed nasdaq inc instead NASDAQ index. Turned out op is actually retarded.

  9. Did everyone forget the Covid Crash and that it took almost a little over 60 days to achieve ATHs? (Your statement is pointless)

  10. LOL the covid crash. The fed pumped the market to ATH and kept their foot on the gas well beyond what was necessary. You do realize the fed is doing the opposite this time, right?

  11. 8 years isn't really that long. I am 42. 8 years will be with plenty of time to spare until my retirement. Oh, I forgot, this is the Casino....not the investment sub...

  12. Like hello guys? This crash is actually going to be worse because this one wasn't just triggered by the US economy. Every other country is having an economic crisis on their own un related to the US economy because of covidz shipping costs, and war. Seriously stop trading options in a market crash

  13. There’s a difference between the banking system becoming insolvent and gas being expensive. There’s almost no comparison to be made.

  14. Its tough to say. This line of thinking would have kept you out of the COVID rally in 2020 and you would have missed out on serious gains. That said the bottom was market by fed action. Maybe the best way to look at this is you need to fed to signal the end of rate hikes. That would probably create a bottom

  15. You had banks and AIG going belly up. This is inflation you should looking at the 1980s the inflation crisis, rinse and repeat.

  16. It's not going to take 8 years and the reasoning is so extraordinarily simple, even a total brainless Neanderthal retard autist downsysdrome baby like you can MAYBE understand it, so here goes:

  17. 2008 the global financial system had structural issues imperilling the entire world's monetary systems. Today we have inflation and a tightening cycle. Yes, thinking this is 2008 all over again is actually pretty silly. Correlations to the dotcom bubble are better, but still not accurate. Valuations now are not even in the same universe as 2000.

  18. Lol yea buddy thats what they want you to think, we are nowhere near the bottom, and the mbs bonds are shit all over again, artificially inflated house prices with a incoming recession and overall weight of everything in the world pushing down on the market, not to mention other countries markets in the same situation, chinas evergrande is defaulting , and Europes just hit everyone with a surprise, you haven’t seen nothing yet

  19. Lol now days the time I spend reading here i look at as hours of my life I won't get back. Ohh if I could do a loss porn chart on that one.

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