gird your loins, it's OPEX week! GME is running hard June 21-24th!

  1. God I hope not, made a mistake and held onto some calls that exercised, ate up all my margin. If it strongly dips I’m going to get burned hard.

  2. The WSB indicator never fails. Every time GME is mentioned here, it dips. And I'm okay with that because I can buy more.

  3. people like you give GME holders a bad rep, here you are telling everyone what they should buy (options no less) and your only reasoning is it's Opex. no data on what obligations have been build up, swaps, the option chain for next week, FTDs, borrow rate, previous cycles etc. just a big old trust me bro.

  4. True, but if you legitimately look into each of the things you just mentioned they are more bullish than almost ever.

  5. If you want the data watch pickle financial. I'm just the hype girl. Didn't see anyone else posting about it, which given this is wsb is absurd

  6. Can’t believe the strength relative to SPY and everything else getting nuked. July calls are locked and loaded

  7. I believe it’s because so much of it is retail owned and retail people dont sell and move to bonds when fed hikes rates

  8. OPEX covering should occur near the end of the week so there’s still time to buy options. IV is elevated though so they’ll be a bit more expensive.

  9. Not to mention big shorts from 2021 turned apes in Q1 filing... No matter what theory you believe in, it's bullish

  10. I have seen a LOT of moronic uninformed shit on here, especially as it pertains to GME but I can say confidently…this post and the comments within it are stupidest pieces of writing I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

  11. If there were wells or stupidity being drilled parallel for every issue or topic in the world, people still holding and hyping GME would have one of the deepest

  12. Now, now, no brigading! Keep your religion on SS. For the record I'm DRSd and buy options for leverage. Don't drink the Kool aid!

  13. That was so pleasant I'll respond :) yes, OPEX was on Friday but the covering is t+2 with an extra day for the holiday so it can run anytime 21-24th.

  14. Are you serious? There was a mini opex run barely a month ago for May OPEX, and a larger run for March OPEX.

  15. Why buy options? When you can buy shares through IEX and then DRS them, removing them from the DTCC and putting them in your name instead of street name.

  16. Sir, this is a casino. U/deepfuckingvalue Made his position through options. The options chain drives the price of the underlying. Go read some books.

  17. They internalize options and buying calls just gives them a reason to short more. This post is uneducated or nefarious.

  18. Anybody in this sub that was long on GME has moved on. Unpopular opinion but the reason we didn’t run at $250 - paper hands who bought at $40 & the reason we didn’t run at $150 - paper hands who bought at $78. Did you make $? Sure but every time fuckers get greedy and cash out, they kill the momentum. Bring on the downvotes, I give a fuck.

  19. It’s a bear market, 950 calls is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. Solid DD that’s what I come here for 🤪

  20. Considering it’s supposed to be the wsb community in the majority behind it with wild expectations wouldn’t it crash?

  21. 10 year old account. 1.2k post Karma...and 90% of that post karma from this post which most ppl are downvoting...

  22. Game is predicted to run every week for some bullshit reason yet it doesn't happen. It goes up, and down slightly like any stock yet no real run for months.

  23. The stock more than doubled in March. Totally normal behavior bro. XRT totally gets reg SHO’d on OPEX, that’s something that happens to every ETF /s

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