Who Will Be The Bernie Madoffs of This Bubble? Place Your Bets Here

  1. The guy cashed out most stuff massively though. So he’s not going to implode. Plus I don’t think he is on leverage. He’s a pretty cunning snake.

  2. Ken griffin you say? Could you mean criminal Kenneth Cordele Griffin of Citadel Securities? The same Ken from KenGriffinCrimesdotcom?

  3. Yeah how could op miss the biggest criminal of them all. Mr mayo. ”Creater of liquidity” or as normal people calls it. Naked shorter

  4. Jamie Dimon is untouchable, Ken is too invested in politicians. I think they’re gonna pin it on Steve Cohen.

  5. There's gonna have to be someone in the Real Estate/Loan sector who blows up. Rocket Mortgage, Quicken Loans, Zillow, something like that. Someone who bought 100s of homes in Tulsa.... idk.

  6. If you're looking for a bank, only biggie would be Deutsche. The German government made them put a percentage of women in high level positions for the equality fad who were seriously unqualified.

  7. Elon better watch his back. California expecting rolling blackouts because their power grid can't handle air conditioning demands and the massive number of electric car charging stations. It's what happens when nitwit politicians shut down fossil fuels before we're ready to make the switch to electric.

  8. This is ape bait lol. You wanted easy karma cause the apes will come and say Ken Griffin. Which I mean is true he’s a shit head. But still this is an ape trap. XD

  9. Whoever made diamond hands something to be proud of instead of an insult. Biggest grift I've lived through. People "hodling" meme stocks and shitcoins, while everyone else making bank off volatility.

  10. Nobody, because the only reason Maddoff got pinched was because his own kid ratted him out and the SEC were forced to do their job for once.

  11. I don’t think there is a bubble in the broader stock market, it’s correction and tough one, but not a bubble. Now the coins market, that’s a bubble

  12. The one and only Kenneth Cordele congress lying sack of 💩 Griffin. That muhduhfahkah took a basement members only gamblers into a full blown world wide no holds bar bet anything and everything casino in the name of retail.

  13. I feel like it has to be someone with a decades long record of success. And immeasurable credibility. Also Bernie Madoff was never caught, he turned himself in.

  14. Whoever is running this GME scam where wallstreet douchebags convinced financially illiterate retail to throw their money away even in a bear market. It's incredible if you think about it. They manufactured magic money to be able to get away with the lending practices that got banned in traditional finance in 2008, now they've taken it to the next level to keep the shares of a worthless retail store (levered to Web3/NFTS, supposedly) propped up even as corn falls 40% in a week.

  15. U think the justice system is fair and works and that's cute. The rich frequently paid their way out of manslaughter. Hell, even the police get away with it. There was 3 hearings on brokerages coordinating restriction stock buying for multiple days and there was nothing done, and the SEC helped made excuses for it after, "no not that kinda plumbing", the type where we laid down the pipes to your butthole for easier access - GG.

  16. Bill Hwang was an early contender. There will be more like that which you've never heard of until they blow up.

  17. Let's add whoever the hell is in charge of Celsius, and let's throw the Coinbase executive leadership in there as well. They are gonna implode and take all their clients money with them. No one will be prosecuted or face jail time. It's the American way

  18. Coinbase and all that are involved. They already have a shady past and are too high profile to get out when it all comes down.

  19. It looks a lot like Elon Musk. Other than all the current legal shit, he really does kick up a shitstorm whenever he finds someone short Tesla. Not sure why lol. Maybe he leveraged a ton of some shit using TSLA as collateral.

  20. I love seeing posts by gambling degens on wall st bets pretending like the “cryptards” are any different

  21. Seems pretty much guaranteed to be Saylor. Not conventional, but still, convincing masses of people to invest in an asset you've essentially front run sounds pretty damn similar to Madoff.

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