Porque no los dos ?

  1. If you label the guy at the switch "unemployment" you should see JPOW in fact still manage to tie him on the tracks as well, next to the inflation guy, before the train arrives.

  2. Unless you lose your job because of a recession, its better to be able to buy less stuff than have no money (but for the longterm it's better to crash the economy now to get inflation under control).

  3. The US should poach Elvira Nabiulina (Russian central bank head), she is a miracle worker who singlehandedly keep Russian economy afloat amidst worldwide sanction.

  4. He is so goddamn stupid. Truly, anyone who has really been looking has known this was a building issue for a year now. The only reason I can think he didn't do anything earlier is because the US was busy fighting an economic was with China and he was told not to.

  5. I smell another round of bailouts. Calls on BOA. With a hedge like calls for WEAT and CORN for early Q1 to cover your ass.

  6. Nah, they will switch up the tracks halfway, drift the fucker taking out both, then derailing at the loop due to sheer speed

  7. Full scale manufactured economic collapse resulting in a militant instillation of a blatantly authoritarian slavist state. We're on the bubble.of becoming China in the US

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