Retail hate this one single trick!

  1. Four in fact... and I'm living overseas. It was weird to see those drop into my bank account. At one point, I paid my friend's rent in the States with one of them.

  2. I received $3,000 in child tax credits and then had to pay it all back at the end of the year because I made too much and had to pay a penalty because I owed so much! Thanks, Bidet!

  3. For once, the degenerates who “wasted” their stimulus checks buying TVs, drugs and prostitutes, or even 138 cheese pizzas while gaming and netflix during the pandemic got more out of their $ than an “intelligent fiscal conservative” who decided to invest their money into a “safe” and traditional 60-40 diversified portfolio!

  4. You could say that about the housing market too over the last five years. Buy above your means is the new sage advice

  5. Yeah, the truth of the matter is home ownership is the new Single Income Household: It used to be common, soon it'll be a rarity only for the upper class, maybe upper middle.

  6. my degen friend bought a 30k car before the pandemic, couldnt even afford the payments. The car is worth 45k now.

  7. Those checks account for .2-.3% of our current inflation. The final echoes of that money, that last bit of the multiplier effect, haven't been felt since before Christmas of last year.

  8. Yea wtf, I didn’t get any stimulus. Just my 250k in forgiven business loans. Which also happened to save my small company, or we would be in bankruptcy. I know what they didn’t wasn’t perfect but I think it could have been worse than the Great Depression without aide.

  9. we need to protest in canada. the cerb clawback can fuck right off. the people who have to pay that 2k back, were put on that shit by the government.... incompetent dinosaur fucks

  10. Actually they finally shut the fuck up about Dan Price after he got charged with sexual assault the other week. That guy is such an annoying pandering asshole on Twitter.

  11. It's a play on the fact how the bare minimum stimmies were nothing compared to the market taking a massive downturn + tax rising.

  12. Thanks for not making me click a link and scroll through 15 pages and give my name and email address to find out what trick retail investors hate.

  13. Those three checks did not crash my 401k, an over zealous market that’s controlled by Wall Street crashed my 401k. Property taxes are state taxes. Oil prices are impacted by international supply of oil which was effected by a war. What is the point here? Just because they happened at the around similar time doesn’t mean they are related

  14. The stimulus checks account for a .2% inflation rate. The real inflation, especially in gas, comes from the fact that at the period of most strict quarantining, the bottom dropped off the demand for that resource.. cuz no one was driving.

  15. I still feel like I got ripped off. I only received one stimulus check and i was only able to buy 1 GME share and some chicken tenders. If i had gotten 2 more checks i would have done way better but instead i remain broke.

  16. If you use a phone app, at select restaurants, you sometimes can get buy one get one free chicken tenders. Might have to check a bunch of places

  17. Dude you know when you file your taxes you can let IRS know how many of the stimulus checks you didn't receive and they'll include it in your tax refund.

  18. Has nothing to do with shipping containers that were over 20k at some point, the decreased labor force with tighter borders of all countries forcing higher wages, semiconductor shortages, Texas' idiotic energy policy, nor the invasion of Ukraine upheaving global oil supplies, nor the massive increase in demand in petrol in the US, the over doubling in fertilizer cost.

  19. The same people lodging this complaint are the ones who loudly demanded as much "free stimmies" as possible. Remember when people lost their shit because Biden didn't pass a new $2,000 check, instead using a cumulative interpretation? Yeah... don't want to hear it from these whiny fucks.

  20. Stimmy Checks were like the only good thing they did, best bang for buck with that money. Elon supported giving out more payments too. All the PPP loans and Fed Balance Sheet Quantitative Easing stuff seem to have been the bulk of funds spent.

  21. War, inflation, record temperatures everywhere and incoming to US, power failures, drought. We are truly fucked. Oh.. I forgot Monkeypox.

  22. The 600 dollar was just to settle you down while blackrock became the plunge protection team with unlimited printer attached. Those algorithms have bought everything that gained in price.

  23. they will give 3 600 dollar checks to people, and billions to businesses that didnt need it through unnecessary PPP loans to businesses that did better during the pandemic.

  24. but all the sweet Covid-19 relief funds the elite got. They got so wealthy they can take it with them to the heaven, god approves.

  25. Stimmy was just a smoke screen $1 trillion approx in vaccines (sure the testing centers racked up a massive bill too) $800 billion in ppp loans (approx 50% of which were fraudulent) $70 billion to Ukraine 💩💩💩 Shit storm

  26. IRS raided a place on Friday that helped over 27k businesses get PPP loans and other COVID cash give aways.

  27. And we will send equivalent of 500 dollars per person or 80 billion dollars to fight off a war we shouldn't even be meddling with in a recession... Government had a hard time giving 600 dollar per person during covid and they just wrote of 80 billion dollars

  28. Spending $80 billion to weaken an opposing super power (questionable) and make them a non issue for the next few decades so that all of the focus can be shifted to China seems like a good deal to me. How much was spent in Iraq and Afghan again?

  29. I can't believe people upvoted this jackass. Everyone who owns a fraction of a stock cheers when rich people and giant corporations get tax breaks cause they want to fantasize that it will be them one day. Help a sovereign country that's being invaded by a psychotic dictator (who will keep doing until he's stopped and set an extremely dangerous precedent around the world) or invest in infrastructure which will obviously benefit our country going forward and we pretend that they're the source of all of our problems

  30. Whose 401k crashed? Mine is up 30% the last 2 years. Only down 4% ytd. But yea the other stuff sucks though.

  31. Who got three $600 checks? The first one was $1200 in April 2020, the 2nd was $600 in December 2020 and the 3rd was $1400 in March 2021. These 3 checks are not responsible for the increase in gas, property and food costs. Everything is about this tweet is wrong.

  32. ...but its been said on twitter and someone posted screenshot of it on reddit so its basically FACT.

  33. When the government first mailed out those checks in 2000, I didn't get one, but two of my coworkers did and they bought themselves new ar-15's. Only in America. Now they're saying inflation is Biden's fault. Only in America. I saw a bag of Fritos for $3.99 on the shelf. I don't need Fritos that bad. If you don't buy needless stuff, prices will go back down. I've noticed ChicFila lines are still a mile long though.

  34. Doesn't happen overnight dumbass. The biggest problem with our country is that politicians almost never invest in the future. Who can blame them when the voters are too stupid to realize that planning ahead is a good thing. Voters see a price tag for infrastructure and freak out but when Republicans give huge tax breaks to rich people and falsely claim that they'll pay for themselves tons of dumb working class and middle class people applaud even though there's an overwhelming amount of evidence that these conservative economic policies are terrible.

  35. Yes, of course, they issued those stupid checks, and then they fuck us by increasing our cost of living. But, for those who thought that we were getting free checks, it was never free. Nothing free comes from the government.

  36. 90% of the liquidity expansion comes from banks expanding their balance sheets and effectively creating the bulk of money to their shareholders’ benefits, at the pace set by the Fed.

  37. The only thing I know about this is that it was in a video game, and that's about it. I wouldn't care that a store is open, if they were open to a certain time.

  38. And $600 more a week unemployment, and mortgage forbearance, and no evictions, and federal student loans forbearance

  39. And more for electricity and food and medical and booze and drugs and I put my price up at Wendy’s dumpster #420

  40. This is the worst fucking card pull in history. There’s nothing- why would I play this card? “TAINT. Innate. You’re permanently fucking broke. Exhaust. Limit of $100 coins for the rest of combat” Kill me in the asshole.

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