Margin debit of over $200K. I just logged out of that app and not picking up the phone other than wife's boyfriend

  1. I may be able to do that. Thank you for the suggestion. If someone does find me, I will propose that and see what they say.

  2. Seriously, just drag your feet for as long as you can claiming that you have nothing, and 2 years from now offer to settle on $2,000 with a payment plan.

  3. In about 1626 years the debt will be fully paid off. I mean, they could probably get a tax benefit out of this. Win win

  4. Best way out I can see is allowing your identity to be stolen. Then say to yourself, "I surely wouldn't want to be THAT guy."

  5. Since you won’t be able to borrow money for the foreseeable future, you should open a fuck ton of loans/credit lines and run away with the money. Best of luck in whatever third world country you choose to live out the rest of your days in!

  6. This is probably the best advice here. Your already ducked for a long while credit wise. Try to get as much as you can while it all goes to shit. Not much difference in 2 collection to 8 collection agencies going after you.

  7. Europe. American banks can't do shit to you in Europe. There was even a documentary on VICE about students that got student loans and buggered off with the cash.

  8. Actually, I used to know a guy who started a forum for debtors, while he was in incredible debt. Won a few lawsuits in court, made many subscriptions worth of small monthly payments on the forum, and was (at least according to him) debt free.

  9. Do this! Max all the CCs you open as soon as possible. Put the money in gold or something which is hard for them to find and then declare bankruptcy. If they question why you did this in court claim you had to pay someone else back who gave you a loan in cash

  10. This is abhorrent advice. OP, if you do this, you risk opening yourself up to claims of fraud against you. Not only is that potentially criminal depending on where you live, but if they prove fraud, the debt may also survive bankruptcy, and you’ll be stuck repaying it for a long, long time.

  11. Some probably don’t get the joke so I’ll add you can be arrested for fraud if you take out loans while knowingly being unable to repay them. Be careful degens!

  12. I don't think looking through the post history was necessary. OP is a quarter million in debt from margin calls and puts. Like holy shiiiit.

  13. Here’s the game plan 1: Buy a delta airlines ticket to Mexico 2: go to a small town and call yourself Carlos or Juan 3: get married to a big booty Latina and forget about the Debt😎

  14. Op is female so name should be Maria Margin. Don’t fly from US, don’t leave breadcrumbs. Drive to the border, cross and fly with a Mexican airline. Go to Puerto Vallarta, it’s a nice beach and there are a lot of retired Americans.

  15. I like this one but I do not have a house house to crawl under - I stay in an apartment - no money to actually own any asset.

  16. Go look through OP’s post history. Its a guided tour of one failure to another without a loss of enthusiasm.

  17. This guys profile taught me that there is apparently a Reddit crisis team that you can send tip offs to when users look like they may be a danger to themselves.

  18. If you don't pay, yes it will go to collections. It will ruin your credit for approx 11 years. Bankruptcy is a waste of time if you don't have assets. Once everything goes to collections they will start calling you. Change your number and email and if they still get through tell them she died. Do not respond to any correspondence. At least you still have your lease. Just live on cash only for 11 years and you're good. Not that I ever did anything like this in my early 20s.

  19. Send them a letter (certified, return receipt) telling them that any correspondence in any other fashion than by mail is INCONVENIENT. If they do call you, at that point, record/keep records of date/time in a bound legal pad.

  20. When they do not find your phone number, just tell them it’s your work phone and you are not allowed personal calls. If they continue to call on that line, you can get them to pay you.

  21. I can't believe people are this stupid and reckless as to accrue a $234k margin debt and still have nothing to liquidate.

  22. I wish I atleast got some synthetic boobs with all the freaking loss porn sometimes. I could just taken some money out, and bought something for myself, other than the ramen I eat and the crappy apartment I stay in

  23. Jesus, sometimes I feel bad about spending $100 on Pokémon cards. Then I see this and don’t feel so bad anymore. Seriously, how does it get to this point?

  24. Your debt will be sold to a 3rd party debt collection company for pennies on the dollar and then that is when the harassment really starts but instead of 200k they will say you owe 5 times that amount. Call you 20 times a day send all sorts of threatening letters.

  25. Thank you. for now, I will let apartment lease cancelled, stay in this small town I am in and stay course behind wendy's in my nightly shift.

  26. You have lost a cool $1M in the market, WTF? 6 months from now expect to have your wages garnished to pay this off. Stay out of the market, go to gamblers anonymous. Get some counseling.

  27. And wait like 1 year ignoring collectors, take the call and.offer them 14k on the 224k and they'll take it.

  28. You’re getting tons of shit answers since I honestly think you’re asking this in good faith. Anything that’s not a meme answer is straight up fraud, you can bounce back from bankruptcy, not so much a felony charge. If someone is saying open a bunch credit lines and then ignore it, ignore the rest of their post.

  29. glad to have helped you. Now if you will excuse me, I think hope depot is open and I need to go make my weekly purchase of rope again.

  30. I sure am hoping so. I haven't gone back to the apartment, and am staying someplace else. ( I cannot divulge which town and behind which Wendy's)

  31. Just change your phone number too. Fake your death in a ravine car crash and buy someone else’s identity with proceeds from Wendy’s after you move across the country. You’re good

  32. Get life insurance worth a few M first and then have your family member who benefits from it pay off the margin debt and send you cash to live your new life

  33. Now I am getting to a point where I would like to be hot again. I was hot when I was in 20s and then my feminism was too high even with losses accumulating. didn't want to do anything objectifying or demeaning me... I am getting to a point where now I do not mind but I am in my late 30s and not hot anymore. Lot changes in 10 stressful years

  34. Ok for real 1 get a death certificate for a girl that died in high school about your age. 2 use the death certificate to file for a duplicate birth certificate 3. Take the birth certificate along with two pieces of bogus mail addresses to the dead girl to the dmv 4. File for drivers license as the dead girl 5 live as the dead girl now.

  35. I get that this is WSB and there's a meta to follow here but you genuinely need help and have a serious problem which you can't sweep under the rug

  36. I wish my brokerage account had as much growth as this stupid post received since this morning. HOly shit, you guys love youur loss porn.

  37. I sacked off a 10K credit card and 15K loan in the Uk when I moved to Australia in 2018. I now have PR here and won’t be going back. No one has ever tried to contact me about it. Granted I did change email addresses. So, yeah move country and you’re golden. They also use different credit card companies out here and have one with a $25K limit. Suffice to say I try not to use it 😂

  38. You could call customer service and say your kid was on your phone and must have accidentally gotten in to your account. Then ask for a do over. Should work.

  39. hahaha that is a new one. Brought a smile. Is that the same software that keep giving pop-ups to download and install McAfee Anti-call?

  40. Bitch, lets put you to work on twitch. Give the money to daddy and I’ll make sure you don’t end up homeless again.

  41. Thank you for asserting my position. It helps reassure I am not as retarded as folks want me to believe or am in good company.

  42. I do not understand the seccond phrase, but yeah my phone has been missing for over a month now. I am about to go to police station to report my iphone 3 stolen

  43. I am very happy to have helped you feel better. That was my main reason for posting this - to make other retards much better with their situation. God speed. Try catching up with me you degenerates.

  44. Burying your head in the sand and just ignoring the problem while your debt is gathering interest is exactly the kind of delusional approach that put you in this position in the first place. Keep up the good work, proud of you!

  45. Go on lemonade and get their maximum life insurance w a family member you trust as the benefactor. After you fake your death they will become millionaire and can send you cash to live your new life.

  46. Fidelity used to be a boomer/wholesome brokerage firm. What did you fuckfaces do to this platform? Start doing coke and hiring strippers while making margin calls on your fidelity app? You sick fucks

  47. Claim bankruptcy. Maybe start a youtube channel about how you're filing. I saw on thr news today some girl made a channel about clearing debt of 100k and paid it off due to the channels success. You could do the opposite!

  48. Everyone is missing the real answer, you have a small window of time before this shows up on your credit report. Go open margin accounts on every other app and double down!

  49. I know you're joking but looking at OP's post history they have a severe gambling addiction. Hope they don't read this and think it's a good idea lmao.

  50. Former margin specialist here. Looks like you have a Fidelity account? Hard to tell without screenshots of your account, but if the $200K debt is indeed valid, it WILL eventually go to collections. Sometimes it just takes a while. You should probably just call the margin team to clarify TBH.

  51. Bunch of retards going into margin debt in 1929: lose the house, car, farm, and wife and goes into a deep depression. Possible calls on $ROPE for some. 50 years later and never touches the stock market again calling it a scam and keeps all their money under their mattresses cause fuck banks too.

  52. They will got to a collections agency & ur credit will be destroyed by then. If the debt is not paid, they will start to garnish your paychecks or any earned income

  53. It is a good time to request a bailout. For example a million dollars, and buy 100% on margin some stock like Tesla. If it goes up 10%, you made their $200,000 margin debt. Pay them back their loan money and margin debt.

  54. Broker liquidate your account, way before your total liquidation value goes negative. Nothing to worry about it. They know how to protect them self. Don’t they have your email?

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