GME 2/9

  1. Probably not unless you'd be willing to flush that money down the toilet. GME has been wild and itll probably keep going down.

  2. money on GSAT this morning. Sold at 2.94 right when the market opened. Immediately dropped to 2.60

  3. What happened? I just remember refreshing finra page for 4.5 hours and fell asleep. Woke up and suddenly everyone is in a good mood.

  4. So... let me get this straight. A bunch of shorts were covered with shares, but it doesn't matter because... trust you? You're not even trying to make a bull case any more.

  5. Fuckin whitemamba keeping the dream alive in the dead of night. Definitely not the hero we deserve, but absolutely the hero we need.

  6. Ryan Cohen's rollercoaster tweet is way too accurate. When he said to keep both hands and feet inside at all times, he was not fucking kidding. This shit is wild.

  7. DONT COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH. we all know the short interest numbers were GREAT. but let’s not bank it all on GME doing great tomorrow. it takes time for this to full pan out and we might be seeing the real fireworks start here in a few days. good luck fellow bulls

  8. What exactly will make the stock go up tomorrow? The shorts covering? That data is 2 weeks old, maybe they covered already?

  9. Strap in, the next stop is the moon 🌚🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  10. So I see the finra report, but I'm fucking stupid and retarded and am holding just cause I can. What does the 78 number on Finra mean? How high is it expected to go? Can someone ELI5?

  11. it was around 120% shorted and now it’s supposedly at 78%. but that data is from the 29th of january, so if it’s accurate i’d expect the real number to be around 50% since they’ve probably covered more since then.

  12. 🐋 All elon musk has to do is affix his spergy gaze somewhere near a camera and yell "TENDIES" That buck toothed smooth brain owes us and I mean that as a term of endearment

  13. good luck tomorrow y’all 🤝 even tho i don’t have any shares i want this to rocket so y’all can clap back at all the haters and losers of which there are very many!

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