1. I'm good either way. I assume Trump would be more hamstrung than DeSantis, even though DeSantis would also be under constant attack. I would be happy to call DeSantis my president, but I would also enjoy watching the left implode if Trump got a 2nd term. Tough call.

  2. I feel like DeSantis has years ahead of him. Trump still has all of his faculties even though he is so old (complete opposite of Biden). Trump would still be a major contender with the republican base in 2 years especially if the Dems keep raiding his shit with the FBI and DOJ in tow. Trump 4 more years and DeSantis for 8 after that. So many options with gop contenders for the near and far future.

  3. I would really still prefer he not though. Republicans have some fantastic candidates just primed for the candidacy. And Trump is getting really old.

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