George Takei twitter L. Exhibit: 4500

  1. I don't get why some celebrities get annoyed by that. Get paid a pile of cash to tell people the same stories over and over at conventions? Wow, steady gig I don't even have to rehearse for. Sign me right the fuck up.

  2. I met him in the late 80s...1989 I think. He was in my city for a con and there was an event to go with him for his morning run.

  3. You’d think he’d have more disdain for the people who put him in the internment camp and how they tried to repeat it with covid.

  4. Harvey Weinstein was one of the largest donors to the DNC before his arrest and incarceration. He was also very close and friendly with Hillary Clinton.

  5. This should be the top comment. The excuses being made on Biden's behalf regarding his mental state is something that should automatically disqualify someone from any public office, let alone the most powerful office in the nation, maybe the world.

  6. Agreed. As usual, this is the idea of "don't ever hurt anyone's feelings" taken way too far. The feelings of an individual man are considered more important than holding the leader of the country to a high standard.

  7. When you get to a certain age, it does become increasingly difficult to remember what was posted on your twitter account in the past. It's not something younger people have to consider that often. Cut Takei some slack already.

  8. I often wonder if these hypocritical Twitter posts are ever seen by the original poster. And if so, do they just shrug it off as (D)ifferent?


  10. Yeah like how the left cut Trump a break? They went so far as to post Kathy Griffith holding his simulated bloody, decapitated head! But, that’s not a problem…’s (D)ifferent.

  11. Not only is it hypocritical, but it's BS. It's one thing to forget Sean Connery passed away but not a sitting member of Congress killed when you're the frickin president. This is not forgetfulness but mental degradation beyond the pale for his position.

  12. Imagine the verbal and mental gymnastics to defend a guy that is slowly but quickly accelerating into full-blown vegetable status

  13. If that was the worst thing Biden’s has done I’d be ok. But our president in office is a moron and cares not for the American people, the soldiers he got killed or the constitution

  14. This dude is insane and does not represent clear minded Americans. And yes, I would tell him that to his fake face. His “clan” if we’re going to trek it is a minority and he needs to learn that he’s not going to get anywhere with this shit anymore.

  15. I think he used to be fairly normal, just a famous gay guy, but I think after being put on a pedestal for so long it sorta went to his head a bit.

  16. Exposing George Takei being a hypocrite is like cheating, it’s just too easy given his penchant for repeating Dem talking points and his utter lack of self awareness.

  17. It is very illuminating that they’re now switching from pretending Biden doesn’t have any problems to making weak excuses for all of Biden’s problems. Of course, we’ve been calling this for 2 years, and they’re predictably following the exact narrative we thought they would. Now what story are they going to come up with to ease Kamala out of the what so Newsome can take over the ‘24 ticket?

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