Imagine getting Bell's Palsy and still be happy you got the Fauci Ouchie

  1. These people need the narrative to be true, otherwise they’d be forced to admit that the effects of Covid were nothing compared to the effects of the jab.

  2. Some people just can't admit they were sold a bad product. They've bought so much bullshit, it's far too late to consider the possibility of being wrong. The power of arrogance.

  3. Its not just that. They need it to be true, otherwise they’ll have to examine their actions during the ‘pandemic’. Turning away friends, supporting the vile vaccine passports, separating dying people from their loves ones. Imagine waking up one morning and realizing that you supported Hitler. Thats why they have to keep believing. Its just going to make it MUCH worse psychologically if/when they ever do realize.

  4. Here's my take here, devil's advocate if you will...maybe she knows full well how fucked up the shot is, but knows if she comes on and speaks out about the vaccine she will be blackballed from her industry so instead she shows her face to her followers hoping that maybe parents and others see it and think no fucking way am I getting myself or my child that shot now.

  5. This. Their ability to pretend things are totally the opposite is religion like. Or I’d say it’s basically replaced religion to them and has become one

  6. I’ve seen people argue this saying “bell’s palsy is only temporary!” And from that I know they don’t actually know shit about it. I had Bell’s palsy from Lyme’s disease when I was a kid. The thing is, the muscle paralysis does fade, but it never completely recovered. My smile is still lopsided, my blinking is uneven. It’s very subtle, but I still fucking hate it. I have a close friend who experienced the exact same thing. Bell’s from lyme’s as a kid, never recovered full function of her facial muscles. I’d 100% take my chances with Covid over this bullshit.

  7. True. I had it last year and i still sometimes get phantom pain on one side of my face. I wouldnt wish the condition on anyone and its insane that people will take the shot when its a well know side effect.

  8. Stop it you racist fascist! If Pfizer doesn’t make Q3 profits then the people who fight to keep us safe can’t fly their jets around to tell us we need to pay more to reduce the temperature of the earth!

  9. I have some sympathy but mostly just think she's an idiot. They were lied to, conditioned by the media to be intransigent and unaccepting of any counter evidence and brainwashed into thinking this was "for the greater good". She is now suffering because she fell under the spell of the evil machinations of whatever beast the current ruling class has become. Where I lose sympathy is that she's too wrapped up in this trance with propaganda that she is dumb enough to think the cost to her outweighs the perceived "benefits" of others. I wouldn't wish this on anyone but if it does happen to you, then you best be changing your dumbass views. It's amazing how many people are this committed to their virtue signaling that they'd be willing to get disfigured for the cause.

  10. You are making the video because there is a small sane portion of your brain that is screaming to warn others that the vaccines are anything but safe.

  11. Exactly. She’s so happy to have paralysis that she’d do it again? Normal people don’t have someone come up to them and ask if they could chop their legs off so they’re paralyzed and go “welp if it’s what we gotta do it guess so!” Why make this video while nearly in tears if you’re so happy with the result???

  12. This is the same thing that happened to Justin Bieber and his girlfriend also had seizures that people were saying was linked to the vaccine. But when I looked into it I couldn't find any information connecting the vax with these. Any research or documentation on this?

  13. Most people believe or suspect his condition was caused by the shots. They just can't admit it out loud because probably 70% of the country has taken the shots too, and it's too frightening to admit that almost everyone took a huge unnecessary risk by getting this vx.

  14. “Not a video I want to make…” continues anyway, figures out the vax likely played a part, but still has to virtue signal and claim she’s saving lives at the cost of their own… someone should tell St Vincent there’s a bigger martyr out there

  15. "Well, I know one thing. Mr. Hooper. I know you wealthy college types don't have the education enough to admit when you're wrong"

  16. I for one would much rather subject myself to untold side effects including looking like a stroke victim indefinitely than have bad flu-like symptoms for a week. After all, Doctor "The Science" Fauci told me to.

  17. I saw people everyday during the "pandemic". I still see people every day. Not a single shot. You were lied to and now you have Bell'a Palsy. Congrats.

  18. I’m not even jabbed myself but this is just some scary shit. And they’re pushing this stuff on KIDS? Hell to the fuck no. On a related note, gonna get rich in a few years when clean graphene-less bodily fluids become more valuable than gold

  19. Poor thing. Honestly I feel sorry for her. She was basically scared into submission and told she was doing the right thing and now she’s suffering for it. This whole narrative that you are a bad selfish person if you didn’t get the vaccine scared and guilt tripped a lot of people into getting a vaccine they possibly didn’t want or weren’t comfortable with.

  20. Like I feel bad man. Idk if it’s cause I’m younger but like Covid wasn’t that bad for me, I would much rather have that than the shot. But honestly I feel bad for whoever got Covid or side affect from the vaccine, btw I never got the vaccine

  21. Painful to watch, these people are like the Japanese imperial army during WW2 , their commitment to the cause is so intense that no amount of reason or bad news will make them reconsider their position.

  22. This is very sad to me, just understand you made a mistake. Just because you’re willing to have half of your face be paralyzed doesn’t mean the rest of the country does!!

  23. This is sad, so very very sad. Just look at the number they did on this poor lady. Life is changed for the worse, and she doesn’t even blame them. It’s exactly what they want, and it’s heartbreaking to see them actually win in videos like this.

  24. I feel bad for what she is going through. I also feel bad that she’s been brain warped to think that it’s ok. This is some sad shit on multiple levels

  25. The woman needs compassion not insults. She's, no doubt, in a bad place and is trying to reconcile what she did.

  26. I wouldn’t even be surprised if this lady is faking Bell’s palsy for views. TikTok is flooded with people faking mental afflictions like Tourette’s and autism just to get more internet points.

  27. You have to be incredibly brainwashed to not consider that maybe you choose incorrectly and maybe just maybe the vaccine isn’t as good and effective as you’ve been told

  28. While I'm very far from a Democrat or any of that nonsense, I kind of do agree with the vaccine mandates. My background is in Biotechnology, specifically things like this. While there are some rare side effects, they're more often related to the immune system ramping up and having a negative overall impact.

  29. So, I’m curious: As someone with a background in biotech, why would you mandate a vaccine that doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus, doesn’t mitigate the severity of the infection, and has a chance of creating severe side effects? All over a virus that has a very high chance of recovery from and is also proven to only adversely affect a narrow segment of the population, e.g. elderly and diabetics, etc.

  30. Or any other immunization??? You must be trolling right now lol. Everybody I know so far who got injected with this crap got covid at least one time. And the promise that it made an infection less severe is also bullcrap since a lot of them got very sick anyway, even with long covid and all. But you probably got paid to spread misinformation comments or you are just a bot :')

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