Mr President?

  1. “I smell ice cream! Someone has ice cream over here!” “Which one of you dog faced pony soldiers has my ice cream!”

  2. That woman in the cream-colored sweater looked like a little girl until he got close enough to see her clearly. Hence the beeline, then the disappointed shambling away.

  3. Really sad - for him and his followers/loved ones. I am not far right or even that consumed with politics, but it’s tough to watch as a human with compassion and wish something would be done to help this situation...

  4. I agree, but I also hold those who are guiding him and this administration fully responsible for this. His family members are the most disgusting people on earth to me. This is elderly abuse by exploiting his mental state. We put these protections in place against harming our elderly or allowing them to be taken advantage all over the country, yet in the highest office, we bare witness to this on a daily, with no repercussions to the people exploiting an elderly man.

  5. This whole situation is elder abuse. The guy is clearly gone and getting worse. He isn't fit for this situation. I'll admit that I don't like him and have little positive to say about his political career but even that doesn't make me find this the least bit acceptable.

  6. Why continue this farce? The damage done to USA is so extreme that it will take years to set things right. And that’s only if Republicans win the midterms. Depressing!

  7. He's definitely got some issues related to old age and mental capacity going on. This will be spun as he wanted to shake hands with the fine people doing whatever.

  8. Yeah this is really fucking sad… jokes and politics aside.. wtf is going on and how did we end up in this situation. He is clearly not well, they can’t even spin it anymore. I don’t see how he can have the strength for a few more months.. what a fucking weird situation. And when he is forced to retire, you already know shit is going to hit the fan between left and right. We’re living in a dangerous time in history..

  9. You think perhaps inside Joe Biden is a guy wanting to take the red pill but he can't because he has spent a lifetime wearing blue goggles?

  10. You don’t want to see it… The dude is clearly lost. That’s why his aides are all calling for him to no avail.

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