The CABAL is in every WESTERN Civilization with Judea Christian Values

  1. I mean it worked, didn't it? I expect elections manufactured by big media from here on out. The media tells the people who should win, and they just happen to have the ballots.

  2. 20% is enough to win PM in Canada? I'm all for more political parties but I feel like we should probably figure out a system that doesn't let someone win with 20%... Seems like a really good way to give the mob even more power than they already have.

  3. I'm a dual Canadian/American citizen. I have no fucking doubt in my mind that my expat ballots in every election since I've moved here were shredded.

  4. The world is getting scarier every day. When every election seems suspect and so many players are pulling the strings we don’t know what’s right anymore!!! Sad and scary!

  5. Anthony albanese of australia also lost the popular vote. Canada NZ Australia and UK have horrible electoral systems.

  6. Not really sure what judea christian values has to do with it but ig to me it just really sucks more for the U.S. because we’re seen as one of the best if not the best country there is and even we most likely have this problem. Scary as heck to think about sometimes.

  7. Well of course not and you will be gaslighted when they tell you there is no “WIDESPREAD “ cheating or fraud. What they don’t tell you is that the fraud and cheating was in fact concentrated to only a few areas and as such had enough votes to overturn any election but if you call them out well you’re just a conspiracy theorist. And this is in the US. It’s the same everywhere.

  8. Questioning this election’s just fine guys, relax. In fact you can question the results of any election since the beginning of mankind except for the 2020 US Presidential election, that’s the one and only election that’s off limits and if you do dare question it you’re stigmatized as a domestic terrorist, an insurrectionist, and a threat to democracy. And this is the narrative that was implemented by the winning side?!? Nope, nothing to see here…..

  9. Imagine an election where more ballots were lost than separates the top two contenders. How can you even call that a viable election system?

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