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  1. everyone knows this, you still gotta pay for the gold/silver and the cutting though. They just done a hell of a job marketing.

  2. Earth isn't, but witnessing the horrific overcrowding of certain megacities (yes, I'm making a Dredd reference) can convince almost anyone that it is.

  3. Throughout history, famine times are almost always the result of poor governance, or in this case intentional sabotage in order to enforce societal control.

  4. food one is interesting. yes we grow more than we need but a lot is perishable id think. which is why so much is dried and canned. Also why i can see the same vegetables year around is with how we trade.

  5. In situ gasification of coal is a clean, inexpensive source of a refineable product that can be made into an assortment of motor fuels. The US has enough coal to meet our energy needs for the next 500 years.

  6. That doesn't really matter, we still shouldn't live above our means and practice temperance. Virtue is the solution, not regulation. You can't legislate virtue.

  7. Well scarcity does exist, what you are seeing is artificial scarcity, where they purposely reduce supply in order to force social change. They don’t care how many people die because of this, or how many people lose everything because of this. All they care about is building their new world through the great reset, and artificial scarcity helps them accelerate towards that goal.

  8. In some cases, the issue is getting it where it needs to go. This is an especially big obstacle with a lot of food products due to being perishable.

  9. I don’t know how much of this is true but in the 70’s we were running out of oil then. The test results have come back and it appears that was a lie.

  10. How is this an "owning the libs" sort of moment? This is literally capitalists creating fear to make more money!

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