Mr. Kim would like a word about plagiarism...

  1. No right to face your accusers, they won't let the defense speak. How is this a fair trial? This is a kangaroo court. Other members of congress have not shown up to their subpoenas, why aren't they being held in contempt or fined? Oh right, they're democrats.

  2. This is a show trial and always has been. None of this is about right or wrong. The power of the uniparty was threatened so they have to fight back.

  3. They said they had already interviewed the secret service agents yet put a witness in the hearing to hear her second hand account of the event instead

  4. I never looked in to the rules. Are these accurate? Are these actual rules, or a meme based on actions and behavior?

  5. The rules say that the minority party can present a list of members to be added to the committee. When they did that, Pelosi simply ignored the rules and appointed "Republicans" not on the list that she knew would obey her and never step out of line.

  6. It would have been a bipartisan committee but the Republicans didn't feel like participating.

  7. Unfortunately, it's a meme I just grabbed and reposted but all of the points laid out have been made very clear since the initial talks to create this committee as well as all their actions going forward since they sat.

  8. This is how tyrannical regimes are built; by taking away peoples' rights and telling them that you are going to take away their right to a fair trial specifically for the goal of putting them in jail.

  9. Uh, propaganda aside, is that actually the official ruling for the committee? Or is that how the committee ended up? (essentially being the same thing)

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