My Neon White VR mod is now available! It immediately became one of my favorite VR games

  1. Indeed, I didn't have the time to make it look nice so it just looks like a dead body being dragged around or something. The game has no body model during gameplay, and no weapon models at all. So It's all added by the mod.

  2. How's the performance and how's the... vr sickness factor? This game looks amazingly fun, never heard of it before.

  3. Performance is really good since it's a pretty simple game. Sickness will be a problem for some due to the vertical movement in some levels. But feedback I've gotten is that it is more comfortable than it looks since movement is mostly instant. I also added snap turning for those who prefer it.

  4. Fantastic work! Never heard of this game but will probably buy it because of your mod. I hate to be that guy, but I gotta ask, do you have a time frame on when you think you might release it for free? Like do you think it'll be a couple months or like half a year?

  5. Wow, great Mod, you wouldn't know this wasn't made for VR. The floodgates are truly opening. I was always of the opinion the modding community would be what pushed VR into the mainstream and here we are. Futures bright !.. and immersive!

  6. Yep. Modders just released an Unreal engine injector. It should enable VR in any Unreal engine 4 game. I'd expect to see a lot of VR mods of flatscreen games coming out.

  7. For now I completely disabled aim assist and lock-on, two features the game has in flat mode to help you aim, because they were broken in VR and I would rather release the mod sooner than spending time fixing those features. That said, I found that aiming actually becomes way easier in VR than in flat mode. You always have an aiming laser, so you don't really have to be a good shot to get it right. This seems to be the sentiment with other players too. I also suck at shooters (I never play any competitive shooters, flat or VR), and I never felt the need for any aim assist in this.

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