Etee VR controllers challenge Valve Index with full-finger support

  1. Very interesting, glad to see *somebody* making use of the open platform. Any consideration for a more basic, classical style VR controller that can be sold at a lower price? It's a real hole in the market; The only choices right now are "expensive Index controllers" and "slightly less expensive Vive Wands". A cheap, but functional controller that's better than the Vive Wands could be a game-changer.

  2. great question, but sadly it's a tough one to actually realize. especially being a smaller outfit like us.

  3. the controllers in it's current format are fully functional and are in the hands of reviewers as we speak.

  4. What software are you using to enable these to emulate std current VR motion controllers, Vive wands, knuckles, occulus touch or whatever, WMR controllers.

  5. you are not wrong. we are being praised for an easy to use, approachable form factor that is intuitive and simple. if you are looking for a more advanced controller with more buttons this is likely not for you.

  6. Unfortunately not, but please do show your support anyway and maybe Facebook will hear our joint plees.

  7. we get this feedback a lot. gamers especially are very used to the current form factor and are surprised by lack of thumbstick and buttons.

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