VvC of crimes to commit (Obligatory “All Are Bad” Disclaimer)

  1. I'd make Lad jaywalking instead. I think it would make for a much better punchline, as well as filling the Arson, Murder, Jaywalking Trope.

  2. Yah out of all of them, the only “what the fuck Lad” one with zero excuse in any situation is rape. There’s a possible justification case for any other one, but absolutely zero justification for rape ever.

  3. The Gad professional burglar: -Literally no one knows who he is -Steals millions worth of whatever -Rich AF, still not caught -Could only get caught if someone they’re working with rats on them, never will because they’re under the threat of death

  4. I'd argue that Basic is piracy, given how actually everyone does it, and Lad is something weird like holding a fish suspiciously

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