1988 Jordache Jeans Ad.

  1. His name is Gene, hers is Jeannie. Gene and Jeannie wear jean jackets with their jeans because it's in their genes.... Jeans.

  2. That’s exactly what they do. I used to find tiny bits of rock in the pockets of new stonewashed jeans. My mom worked in a jeans factory and said they put them in an industrial washing machine with a bunch of small rocks.

  3. Note how the jeans on the woman fits nice and tight, while the man’s are baggy. Stylish but baggy. My wife would only buy me Calvin Klein Jeans for that very reason.

  4. This had to have been some later line, after Jordache were going out of style. Stonewashed and no horse on the back pockets? This wasn't from when Jordache was cool. "Basics" was probably just an attempt to stay relevant after their classic jeans became a little outdated.

  5. Looks like the 25 year old with some coke stealing your girlfriend. She likes you, but this guy has a sports car and cocaine.

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