1973 Burger Chef announcement, which seems like an ad that we’d see in 2022

  1. I do. We had an outlet in the next town over from me. I remember that they had a salad bar that pre-schooler me absolutely loved. It was probably $2 at the time (mid-late 1970s,) and my grandparents would take me there for lunch.

  2. It was mediocre. Great in a kids mind. I do regret not going to my local BC before it closed forever.

  3. There was a recession from 1973 to 1975. And an oil embargo. I remember gas lines and shortages back then. I was a young teen

  4. Back when Nixon tried to “freeze” prices and everyone learned that it didn’t work. My dad was rolling in an Oldsmobile 98 and mom had the Galaxy 500.

  5. Actually now it would say “we must discontinue it because everybody is too lazy to get up off their asses and work.” Businesses these days have a severe entitlement problem. Acting like its their right to have people work for them at minimum wage.

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