The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Official Trailer

  1. There was that period in the 2000s where EVERY movie trailer used the Requiem for a Dream song. It was equally annoying.

  2. At least it isn't some raspy halsey-clone slowly breathing out the lyrics of a bouncy 80s pop song in a way that makes them sound dark and terrifying? That's progress, right? I mean sure the Mario theme has no lyrics but Van Halen's Jump could have worked.

  3. Movie trailers and movie posters are almost entirely controlled by marketing departments now. They're not exactly known for being original or forward thinking. Stick to what works and reduce the budget by reusing the same editing tricks you've done a million times.

  4. Worse still is that they're using a level theme as an entire movie theme. It was intended as continuous background music for the overworld, not a title theme. I don't think it translates well at all and sounds really goofy with the Hollywood treatment.

  5. It does get on my nerves, but it seems to work for some people. I roll my eyes at it but it's not worth getting annoyed over.

  6. Thank God other people noticed. I've seen people start praising his voice acting but every single line he has is delivered with zero energy. His character's riding a go-kart on a damn rainbow and his "Wahoo" sounded like it came from an angsty teenager who's pissed that he had to go hang out with his family.

  7. Honestly every voice sounds pretty good except Mario and Peach. It literally just sounds like Chris Pratt and Anya Taylor-Joy reading lines.

  8. Charlie Day for Luigi literally sounds like his normal voice. I keep picturing Charlie from Always Sunny when he speaks. He sounds equally out of place. The fact that people keep giving Mario/Pratt a hard time and a pass for Luigi/Day is mind blowing. All the criticism to Pratt, should be given to Day as well. They are fraternal twin brothers, who sound nothing alike as brothers, let alone a Brooklyn Italian accent.

  9. Ugh... just cast Danny Devito as Mario, Kaitlin Olson as peach, and turn this into an always sunny dream sequence. I'm sure we can fit Dennis and Mac in somewhere.

  10. I like the toad voices and maybe Luigi's. The toads sound just like they do in Mario Kart and I like that. Jack Black's going to carry the film.

  11. Exactly how I feel. I wish they just brought in people who worked in the role and not famous people voice acting. It feels lifeless except for Black.

  12. Honestly i like all the voices. Nothing seems too over the top or grating. Maybe a little underwhelming at worst, but there's still good delivery in some parts.

  13. I reallyyyyyyyy hate the voices. Why wouldn't they use voice actors from the games?? its honestly kinda discusting to me, Hollywood's got no place in fucking video game movies and it kinda ruins it. I've played so many Nintendo games for years and I was cringing watching it. feels so wrong eww

  14. That's what I'm getting. The plot: "Unlikely hero gets dumped into chaotic situation, messes up and doesn't know WTF he's doing. Then near the end, everything clicks and he becomes the hero he was destined to be." Bonus will be if Bowser starts off as a villain, then experiences regret and tried to undo the damage he's done.

  15. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that, or how they seem to be incorporating 40 years worth of Mario brothers games into the same movie! 2D side scrolling, galaxy’s, Mario Kart, I don’t even care about the voice acting, I’m gonna ride this nostalgia wave wherever it takes me.

  16. doesnt matter how many times i watch this, the voice still sounds like this is some fake redub made by some random youtuber. I cant believe this is the actual voice they went with.

  17. This is not his Tempo though. And, the normal theme wouldn’t match the pacing. So what you actually mean is. “REDO the trailer”

  18. Wow hearing the Japanese dub really makes the English dub sound awful by comparison. Especially that "Wahoo" at the end.

  19. Do you really think so? From my dutch perspective it doesn't really 'vibe' any differently than Pratt's attempt. I'm not hearing any italian undertones in that japanse. But then again, I don't speak japanese.

  20. Eh, maybe I’m the minority but the character designs are really off-putting to me. Peach in particular looks like a completely different person cosplaying as the character.

  21. So it kind of felt like they are trying to hide Mario's voice now? Every other character seems to have gotten a lot of voice time or got to say a full sentence but Mario is 90% game quotes and like 1 line in that trailer otherwise he is screaming. Aside for my dislike of Chris Pratt's voice acting here more importantly I really really hope that his lines just spoil too much to be in the trailer and he isn't going to be just doing game quotes most of the movie. The visuals are gorgeous though and I'm looking forward to seeing this.

  22. Honestly the movie would be great if Mario was a silent protagonist who only occasionally made gibberish sounds and game quotes, like in

  23. This movie looks so fun! I’m really digging how deep they’re going with the references, too. I still think Chris Pratt is giving the weakest performance out of the cast we’ve seen, but everyone else sounds awesome. Can’t wait for this!

  24. I actually thought Joy as Peach is worse than Pratt. Pratt seems fine but Joy just doesn't even remotely sound like Peach at all.

  25. It certainly looks fun and worth a watch, my only issue is that I don't want it to just be a series of "Hey remember this! and look it's that guy from the thing! also look he's doing that other thing wink wink!"

  26. Chris seems to be performing a neutral character that understates the stereotypes. It may not match all of our head cannon on how we imagine Mario speaking. But since it's neutral and understated it also doesn't strongly contradict expectations. It's much better to be weak and natural than it is to potentially be overbearing and wrong. For this reason I think Chris Pratt is a pretty safe choice. If they had someone else do a heavy Italian accent like I imagine Mario, I can see that being very easy to mess up.

  27. It's looks cute and simple and fun. The hype is going to create huge backlash because it won't be everything to everyone.

  28. Eh. Still better than the original movie and most other video game adaptations. If I was a kid again, I would LOVE THIS

  29. Imagine how many people grew up with Mario and now have kids of their own, who will watch and enjoy this movie...

  30. Because dumb parents care more about whose doing the voices than just watching the movie. It's like it's the only way they can bear sitting through an animated film. My dad did it all the time "Oh that's such and such doing the turtle's voice" - man I do not care.

  31. The VA is awful. You don’t need famous ppl for this to sell. Stupid studio fucks. It’s not Lego movie.

  32. That’s because his voice kinda fits the character and he is doing a good job voice acting. Chris Pratt is just doing a horrible job voicing in this role. Go to 1:13 where Mario gets hit by a bullet bill. His “scream” was so weak compared to Mario’s expression

  33. Man, everyone is talking about the voices, i think it looks great and is gonna be an awesome movie, this mario movie is decent for children these days, back when i was a kid, a mario movie were two adults dressed up as italian plumbers.

  34. ITs like right when you think it cant get any more generic... its up to him to save the multiverse....

  35. Pitch adjust Bowser down an octave, Peach up 3 octaves and everyone else up 2 and I think I might go see this movie.

  36. I can look past Chris Pratt's voice as Mario. I dont want to focus on just one part of the movie I think isn't optimized. Reference to Smash and Mario Kart already has me super excited for this movie.

  37. I figured that was more of a donkey Kong reference. If you look as it circles into the scene it sort of looks like they are on top of red construction beams

  38. I really hope it's a case of a misleading trailer. The Paper Mario games set a pretty good precedent for Peach doing spying and information gathering behind enemy lines while captured, letting her be proactive without overturning her character or story role. She could also be shown doing diplomatic and political work before being captured. They should have gone with that instead of "every female lead must be turned into an action hero fighter so as to not be seen as weak and useless" syndrome...

  39. Save the princess in 2022 is not only going to stir up a Twitter shitstorm and garner a ton of negative reviews, it's honestly kind of tired by now.

  40. I like the voices. This is better for a 90-120 minute film than having the video game voices. Pratt is fine, Charlie Day sounds awesome and I don’t care that he sounds like himself. Jack Black is great. Anya Taylor Joy is fine. It’s going to be okay, guys.

  41. I'm 41 or 42, you start to forget. Anyway, as someone who's only played Mario games before he had an official voice, I'm all for this.

  42. Question: Why is Peach being portrayed as the strong female leader, taking up arms to battle Bowser, when in the games she is consistently the damsel in distress who NEVER attempts to defend herself?

  43. I dunno…maybe it’s just me but nothing besides bowser looks good here…Mario is a helpless turd that super deep voice peach has to teach how to be a hero? Come on…

  44. Yea, that just makes no sense to me. Mario is the dude that trekked across worlds, nations, and planets to save lives, and here he is depicted as a clumsy oaf? Why?

  45. This looks amazing. Shame Chris didn’t try at all, but I’m stoked to show it to my 3 and 4 year olds.

  46. Hey remember when everyone was raging over the one line of dialogue Mario had in the last trailer because he didn’t sound Mario enough?

  47. Every adult here is bitching and moaning about the voices, meanwhile my 8-year old and 5-year-old have been watching this trailer on repeat and keep asking when we’ll be able to buy our tickets.

  48. Mario isn’t even the “worst” voice actor in this trailer. Everyone’s either playing it super safe, or is Bowser. Which is what everyone should have expected from an animated Mario movie filled with Actors, not voice actors.

  49. This looks terrible. Are they just gonna have Mario jump in random platforms because "game"? lol

  50. I bet this'll be a whole lot better if you watch the Japanese dub with English subtitles.

  51. Could that music be ANY GODDAM LOUDER?! Holy shit. I get you want to be "epic" and all, but it's like three times louder than the voices.

  52. Oh look another IP where the strong male hero is made to be an idiot and the princess goes gurl power "slay queeeeen" to save the day.

  53. The voices are so bad. Hearing a normal voice saying "lets a go" is really strange. And his little half ass mario like "wahoo" doesn't fit. If you are going to do mario, do mario. If you aren't going to do mario then commit to some other sound. Don't slide back and forth. I understand having to tone it down a bit. But it can still be very mario like.

  54. I know everyone keeps saying but I’ll never get over how awful Chris Pratt was as a choice for Mario and every trailer just cements that fact. Charlie Day, Jack Black, and Anya sound great, the toads are fine, the animation looks cute, seems like a generic but cute “Mario has to become the hero through montage and training” kind of movie, but man does Pratt make me not want to watch in the least

  55. Jesus Christ, what a waste. Superb animation quality, the team put their sweat and tears to make it look good, but the jokes, voice acting and character design are really cliché in a bad way. It's not that a kid's movie should be Casablanca, but this looks really low brow like a bad SNL skit. Disappointed, but more power to those who enjoy it.

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