1. Heck the opening shot of the front of the bar even looks a little like the front entrance down to Afterlife.

  2. If only they were this instead of..... slightly stronger punches. They look so cool, but really offer basically nothing compared to other melee options which give range, speed, special effects, etc.

  3. They need to patch in a mission that basically is a recreation of this. Shouldn't be able to unlock it unless you have legendary gorilla arms equipped.

  4. I was reluctant at first but it's become some of my favorite content to watch. I highly suggest giving it a shot. Don't forget to slap the fuck out of that like button too.

  5. The Slap Mountain videos are without a doubt my favorite content he did. I wish he did more. So fucking funny. The more professional slap vids are okay but don’t have as much comedic value imo. Slap Mountain is just a shit show of quality entertainment.

  6. Yeah, same. I feel like those dumb contests make this less cool by being related, but this was still a very cool animation.

  7. It's cool, but I feel like you can only go so far with "Well how's he gonna slap his way out of this one?"

  8. Notice he uses snaps to deliver high powered blasts at range. First on the guard that died near the beginning and then on the CCTV camera. Wonder what else he’s got.

  9. It was like those contests where 2 guys stand still and slap each other until one goes down, but apparently they have something called a Gorilla Arms mod.

  10. The best thing to come out of the MCU is the animation style from spider verse that actually captured American comic book styling in an animated medium.

  11. I used to want a sequel to God Hand. I still do, but I used to too, and you reminded me of that fact.

  12. Right? It's so "generic cyberpunk setting with a badass protagonist". I see a lot of pure effort. I don't see a lot of creativity. And they've got a whole comic around the slap man?

  13. Disappointed to see yet another completely forgettable design for the protagonist. Like c'mon, cyberpunk allows for so much cool shit and you go for the generic John McGruff.

  14. I can understand if they want to make a character unhurt by getting hit but being unmoved by a blow like that without even bracing for it is ridiculous and I loathe when anime just ignores the physics completely

  15. Huh, I was kinda surprised by how much praise I'm seeing. The colors are great, but this is some of the worst animation I've seen since

  16. This is the the Cyberpunk (the genre not 2077) game I want...mechanical gore and me finally being able to play as Genos in a non anime game.

  17. So is this just a comic book or will this actually be an aniime series. I love the artwork and environment of cyberpunk.

  18. This reminds me alot of that video of the kid who fights with a giant fist against some god character across a city. and in the end of the video its some bald animator guy whos father hates him. I cant find it on youtube but im sure somebody on reddit will know whats up.

  19. I got the comic he did just to check it out. It came off as more as a proof of concept that an actual comic. Really unpolished, but there was some potential.

  20. Then the two high five and there's so much energy the whole building is transported to a parallel dimension filled with beings with enormous hands who are just itching to slap the shiznit out of something.

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