Atmos Ninja V or Shibobi

  1. Listen to this guy. The Shinobi is a great monitor but there’s cheaper monitors out there that so the same thing. Having the ninja around to record a redundant backup at 422 is always a safe idea. But be very mindful out the output signal. I’ve made my share of mistakes capturing full camera HUD.

  2. I have a Shinobi and it's my most expensive and least favorite monitor. The signal random cuts out on it. Still prefer my old Ninja Flame.

  3. I use a Shinobi which I bought second hand but in good condition for a 25% saving over new, bringing it in line with some of the cheaper competition which is otherwise very similar. For that I get a brighter and touchscreen display which I really appreciate - some of the others are dimmer and use buttons instead. If I could afford it I'd have got a Ninja (and in future I will), for the recording ability. Then, having both, they'll both be using the same OS, which will make using them at the same time easier.

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