What game do you REALLY want to see Dunkey review?

  1. He did stream it, so maybe he's working on an Alan Wake video already. It's honestly hilarious that he intentionally replayed the original instead of the remaster lmfao

  2. Yeah I was slightly disappointed when The Good Year had a HK thumbnail and he didn’t really talk about it.

  3. Yes please. Even if it's not a type of game Dumbo would fall in love for, I bet he'd recognize the indie passion this game carries. It could draw a lot of attention for this criminally underrated gem

  4. I hate streaming but I would love to watch him play Tales of Destiny or Tales of Phantasia on the SNES and watch him slowly unravel because of the encounter rate.

  5. I'd love to see Dunkey make a review on the Pikmin games, either as a series or any of the individual games from the trilogy

  6. SOOP…oh are we not doing that today? Okay uuuuummmm…I mean revisiting cyberpunk either now or after the expansion would be cool

  7. Fallout: New Vegas because I'd know he rip it for the bugs and ugly aesthetic (It's my favorite game all time but I won't pretend it looks good) but I imagine the creative freedom and writing would be given a ton of love.

  8. he already called it a masterpiece and one of Ubisoft's last good games but I REALLY want to hear a full dunkview of Rayman Legends

  9. Idk if a dunkview would be good for Ready or Not, but I think him dicking around on that game with his friends could be pretty funny.

  10. Id love to see what he thinks of Paper Mario TTYD. I know he hates JRPGs, but I feel like he would like paper mario. So it would be interesting to see his opinion.

  11. Witcher 3. He made a comedy video on it but i am interested to hear his actual opinions on it

  12. The Timesplitters games, as it was one of the best FPS franchises during the PS2/Xbox era and honestly seeing a Dunkey video on the games would be great

  13. I would really like to see a Terraria review, there's a lot of insane shit in that game dunkey could talk about.

  14. I really hope he reviews Scorn when it comes out, it’d be really funny to see Scorns disgusting environments with Dunkey trying his best to explain it.

  15. I wanna dunkview of demon’s souls. The one he made was funny but I want a serious review because that game deserves it

  16. Dunkey would have an interesting take on Terraria that people would get mad about. But I want to hear someone criticize the game

  17. Risk of Rain 2. Would've been good if he did a dunkview when it was newer, but I think it's decently popular now

  18. He said in his latest video that only two people have played Alan Wake and yet it got a remastered. I'm guessing those two people were me and the Dunkster himself because I love that game and got all achievements for it on 360 back in the day for both the main title and the spin-off game.

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