I understand why they didn't renew for season 5

  1. That's not remotely true. I could name a dozen classic eras noirs that have happy endings, but I'll stick with the Big Sleep. It's an all time genre classic with a happy ending. If a happy ending is ok for Bogart and Raymond Chandler, it's ok for Veronica and Logan.

  2. Am I the only one that actually doesn’t care about Logan’s death? Like I think his death was very avoidable and obvious but that makes me more mad than the fact he died per se. I don’t hate Logan, I just wouldn’t mind seeing where the story would go after that. Now, one thing that I do hate is how the show was never able to give us another season as good as the first one.

  3. Rob Thomas SUCKS and he really ruined something great. He went through all the trouble of bringing back soooo many people just to say, “I wanted to cut off any ties Veronica had to Neptune so I could give her new storylines outside of Neptune.” He essentially wanted to create a new show so he tried to end s4 completely free of Logan, Keith and Wallace - but it’s an ensemble show! Fans came back to the series for the entire cast, not just Kristen Bell! Fans of the show fundraised a ton of money for the movie to be made and then RT threatened to kill off Logan if they didn’t crowdsource more money. He doesn’t know how to write Veronica unless she’s been through something traumatic.

  4. We’re to believe both Veronica and the police forgot his backpack in her car. Don’t think so. Also why was it even in her car?

  5. I think there's plenty of room for another season. Veronica can look for Logan's killer (if he's actually dead) and get off on dudes punching walls while she's solving crimes.

  6. I think you answered your own question. A happy ending, is just that, an ending. I read an article where Thomas was talking about this, and he said something to the effect that continuing the series after that would have been something akin to writing cozy romantic mysteries where Veronica and Logan, the happy, cutesy, couple ran around the country cracking jokes and having cute adventures without any teeth to them.

  7. That was such a misogynistic comment, though. The explanations actually made me way more angry than Logan dying did. He acted like you couldn't be an independent troubled woman who happened to have a husband that did something different, that can all still be noir. He also wanted an entirely new show outside of Neptune, and this was always an ensemble cast show before s4 when suddenly max greenfield is everywhere because he's the most famous. Like. Leaving Neptune was absurd. The entire vision. Reminds me of the comments people had about his original s4 rebranding before the cancellation. Honestly made me happy it was cancelled at s3 with a movie.

  8. Okey you have a point, but a cliffhanger would have been better then killing Logan 😢 And I would have liked a cutesy few episode in season 5 and THEN they could have killed him Or maybe a cliffhanger type thing with "did he die in the car bomb?" maybe he just parked the car and got out just before it blew up and he would be badly hurt and in a coma in the hospital 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Wouldn't have been true to the series? A large portion of season 1 was Logan and Veronica doing just that. And there have been noir couples before, see Nick and Nora Charles.

  10. They said no one watched it. I think they leaked the spoilers of the ending and ppl preferred not to watch it. I think they should fix it in a Movie

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