Even 20 damn floors up they found me!

  1. The first one got yeeted off the balcony for sure but…. He landed on the pavement not the garden where i aimed and nearly hit someone’s head 😂😂😩😩😩 can you imagine the fucking trauma! I would not be okay.

  2. Ohhhh these fuckers destroyed my entire crop of tomatoes this year. 8 plants (even with pesticides which I normally don’t use) completely destroyed. My final plant, my 3rd attack, yielded one single small under ripe tomato somehow overlooked by these bastards.

  3. I've never found a solution for them other than picking them off every time you spot one. Eventually it just seems like I've managed to get them all. Go out as often as you can when it's dark and shine a blacklight in your tomatoes. If they're there, you'll see them. They glow pink if I recall? I spotted them and picked them off and then went back with the light and couldn't find any so I didn't get a chance to refresh my memory what color they glow. But they're VERY apparent in the dark under blacklight. And if you're struggling on where to start looking, note the chewed new growth during the daylight and/or look on lower leaves/the ground for little glowing (in blacklight) green balls then look up from there and there's usually one in the upper foliage above the poo.

  4. The only saving Grace right now is that I’m SO SICK of cherry tomatoes this late in the season I’m not heartbroken to lose a few but, damn they’re everywhere. Pulled another 3 out since I posted 🥺😩

  5. Also by “picked off” I mean “cut off the branches they lived on and wrangled to a plastic bag without touching them because I literally CANNOT” 🥴😬

  6. Go to a pet store and get a pair of lizzard feeding tongs ,aka long heavy duty tweezers. Use those to pick them off and save you plant and all of its branches.

  7. One time we had these in our garden and I had no clue what they were. Gah they were huge and their poop is so fricken weird! I looked up the info on my phone to see if they were bad for the plants and sure enough, they were. So I remember picking one off and trying to throw it on our roof where birds hung out all the time. Y'know, for a FAT SNACK! Well it seems I can throw for shit and I just kept whaling the poor thing against the side of my house. I did eventually get it on the roof but I felt so bad for doing that.

  8. Ah thanks for the laughs reading about sudden hornworms in the sky 😂😂 I’ve been fighting these fuckers all summer and I hate them but this thread has me cackling.

  9. Found one happily munching on 1 of 2 San Marzano tomatoes on my plant and accidentally knocked the undamaged one off while trying to get the hornworm off. 😩😡 I hate themmm

  10. I’ve been gardening since March and before today I had only found 1 on a tomato plant. That was a couple months ago. Got rid of him, no more seen until today. I had 1 on my pepper plant and thought that was all. Then 10 mins later I found a 2nd one on a tomato plant. So I had to go inspect all of my other 70 plants. So far so good. I hate those things so much.

  11. Ugh! I have them too. I have picked off 8 over the course of 6 weeks. Had a two week break where I couldn’t find any & didn’t see evidence then found two more this morning!

  12. Well, the adults can fly...but amazing they found your plant in what would seem to me a desert if I were this being. Nature will find a way

  13. Yes, that’s more what I meant. This high up everything feels pretty amazing if it reaches up here. I just didn’t need this level of amazing!! 😒🐛

  14. I had 4 on my 3rd floor roof deck tomatoes this year! Gave each one an early flying lesson off the roof! I clipped the branch, because ew.

  15. I hear you! I’ve graduated to tongs and a container of water but, it’s a sweaty terrifying process every time.

  16. I hate killing things too, I’ve been vegetarian forever, I feel terrible about the ones I’ve killed but. Man. Get the fuck out of here chonky guys! I can’t squoosh or stomp, they’re going to watery graves 😬😬😬

  17. Ok, I'm lmao at these comments, but how the heck do they get up so high? Is it a flying bug that laid eggs near your plants and this is one of it's stages?

  18. I am so glad we dont have those here, they really freak me out! I wouldn't be able to get rid of them because there is no way I'd touch it!

  19. I’ve never seen these before and my grandma plants tomatoes in my backyard. She’s never mentioned these lil aliens 🙃 I even asked her if she’s seen these. And she said yea but not on her tomatoes.

  20. When I find these, I throw them to my chickens. It's so satisfying to watch them tear him apart. I swear, I can hear tiny screams!

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