1. Hi, was gifted some pepper plants a couple of months ago. Now that they’re finally coming through, I was wondering what type of pepper they are as I couldn’t find out on a plant ID app. Also, as a novice gardener, how do I know when they are ready for harvest? Thanks!

  2. The peppers, leaves, and stems look just like my Anaheim peppers. Is the skin of the peppers pretty thick/tough? If so, I'd say these are most likely Anaheim. Stuff 'em or make green chili!

  3. They are ready for harvest anytime you want. They are ripe when they have changed colour (most likely red). You can pick them green or red or anywhere in between.

  4. As already mentioned can harvest anytime and ripe with color change. What wasn't mentioned is capsaicin (and other nutrients like vit C, beta carotene, etc) are higher the riper they are. But try one green and see how hot it is for you. Only if you're cool (pun intended) with them hotter allow them to ripen. In my area hatch peppers are in the market everywhere at a low price. Rather mild. So if you were going to make and store salsa or similar now would be a good time to combine hot ones with some mild ones. I can't handle much hotter than the flesh of jalepenos so everyone is different. Enjoy!

  5. I like experimenting myself. Leave the oldest one till it get sunspots or turns a different color. Maybe take a medium size one, with gloves on!, be careful in case the oils irritate your skin, cut it open and try it! It looks like a mild pepper, but I’ve been tricked into biting a habanero when I was a lad, be careful taking advice from me!

  6. An unhealthy pepper plant. Something has overly defoliated the bottom of the plant, leading it to not have the vigger to produce fully developed fruits. The answers you get will be all over the place.

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