Some upstanding citizens adding structure and habitat to the desert off Cactus and Buffalo -Know them? Contact Metro so they can get the recognition they deserve.

  1. Man fucking losers. !! Small tire shop owner in the area or paid by one to get rid of them. Shouldn’t be to hard to see the vehicle and trailer at a small shop close by especially with gas prices they probably didn’t drive far

  2. I ran out of battery power. Time I reloaded and got back, they were gone. They waited a good 20 minutes before doing it. I was going to do that.

  3. I hope they get caught. Also, I’m not sure showing where your house is on landing is a great idea because internet. Maybe cut that part and repost?

  4. I just got the mavic 3 as well, I’m about to start looking for these scumbags with mine too lol. Good work!

  5. Just call the police and tell them where it's occurring. The company will continue to do it until they're fined heavily.

  6. Not suppose to fly when its ambient over 104F...otherwise just monitor the battery....I bring it in if it crosses 56C or so and change it out. Over 104 F you will still be ok with "quickies" getting it up and getting the shot within a few minutes and bringing it in.

  7. Good shots brother but retribution ain't the issue with you identity. You sure loooked like you were skirting LAS Class Bravo airspace? Reddit has a whole team of weenie drone snitches and the FAA entertains these assholes cause it's gives the low level "investigators" a chance to prove they work......They get off on it.....careful brah....If anyone ever asks you were never above 575' AGL.

  8. I hold a 107. You don't seem to be up to speed. That can easily be known by anyone who does know just off the few things of demonstrably incorrect "knowledge" you said. It's unrestricted airspace. Not even LAANC required. B4UFLY app would even tell a moron....and it's over 400 AGL....and anybody I see in the desert fuckin it up...well I am going to side with right. Shit is ridiculous. Let it be out there I will turn a MF that does it and Im out there. I do not give a damn. I encourage anyone else who owns a drone to keep an eye out for it....and turn the tards in.

  9. I used to live in the southwest right near Buffalo and Windmill. My house was at the back corner of the small neighborhood that was right next to Cimarron where it dead-ends in the desert. People dumped stuff on the other side of the wall constantly. Had to drag it numerous times to the street so it would be picked up. That and kids doing drugs right next to our house was a big reason we left. I miss Vegas but not the ahole drivers and people like this.

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