Who has the best Philly Cheesesteak on the strip?

  1. There’s a Straight From Philly (Lake Mead/Water) and Straight From Philly Steakout (Warm Springs/Arroyo Grandr) in Henderson I think the one on lake mead is better personally.

  2. Not Capriotti's. Had one recently and was pretty let down. Not very cheesy at all. If you're ever in Orange County CA, go to Frank's Philadelphia in Costa Mesa. Still the best cheesesteak I've ever had. Pat's in Philadelphia was terrible.. Tony Luke's was good, but Frank's is far superior to all.

  3. I went to Pops because of the Hype. I used to work in fine dining And Bars so I know a thing or two about flavor.. Those Philly cheese steaks were so BLAND There was no flavor the only good Philly I ever had was when I was working at Jackson's at the line cook on Flamingo and Jones. The roast beef cooks in Aju and actually has flavor. But IDK about these new cooks since I left. Good luck I've yet to find one that makes me say Damn that was BOMB. The best thing at Pops was there Jalapeno Poppers the Philly was Wack.

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