Vegan German Potato Pancakes or Kartoffelpuffer

  1. These delicious vegan German potato pancakes or Kartoffelpuffer are crispy from the outside and tender on the inside and only require 3 staple ingredients and 30 minutes of your time. They are perfect for a quick and filling breakfast, lunch or dinner meal that everyone will love!

  2. are you from the south? i eat mine with apple sauce or zimt und zucker too! mustard no way! i will eat spätzle und quark nudeln with apple sauce too.

  3. Where I lived, they served them with knoblauchsoße, smoked salmon, or apple sauce. I was in Rheinland-Pfalz.

  4. What is the difference between a Kartoffepuffer/Reibekuchen and a latke? Growing up we always ate our latkes with a sour cream and horseradish mixture and smoked salmon on top. Traditionally they’re eaten with applesauce though.

  5. Those are some awesome shots! Even with the action shot. I’m not a vegan but I can appreciate beauty when I see it. (25+ years photographer)

  6. I totally forgot about these and i have wanderlust for Germany again. Thank you OP, definitely making these tomorrow! Truffle mustard is probably going to slap

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