My first van build

  1. This was an old build I had from probably over 5 years ago . But it was “ok” I hardly ever used it . the fridge ran off the battery and occasionally we used the goal zero to run it but we were never far from the van and our food would stay cold . we could charge our phones and lap tops 12v and it couldn’t run an electric heater it would just drain the goal zero in 10 seconds . No joke . so if I were to do it again …. I really had no use for it . I would get camp sites in colder weather with power and just run a portable electric heater in it off an extension cord . we got caught in an ice storm in az once but we’re fine just running our camp stove in the van for heat . Goal zero wasn’t necessary but then again I’m kind of a vagabond and not really a van nerd just need a bed a camp stove cooler and I’m good

  2. Aww yeah, a GoalZero power bank! I'm still saving up for one myself, but I know having the extra juice will help in the winter. And I love the plastic tubs, I use plastic shelving and crates myself for storage.

  3. If I were to do it again I wouldn’t have gotten a goal zero . I didn’t really use it . if you do get one get one used on Craigslist .

  4. I have a GZ Yeti 1400 in my van and it's worked pretty well. But if I were to do it again, I think I'd still go with a power bank solution but would probably go with Bluetti or something else with LiFePo4. The GZ lithium batteries are LI-ION and their longevity is a fraction of LiFePo4. I believe LiFePo4 is supposedly safer, as well, but I don't have the technical knowledge to understand why.

  5. Nah I just quickly measured and through that thing together it has a flip out table built into it also if you look closely

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