Looking for in-person hot yoga classes for beginners who can’t touch their toes yet

  1. My wife does the deep stretch and relaxation class at Oxygen Yoga. Well not right now since she just gave birth but she’s been saying how she can’t wait to start again!

  2. The city of Coquitlam offers yoga classes too. There are drop-in and full registration classes. All affordable, ~$6-11 a class depending on what you pick. The hatha yoga classes are my favorite for stretching. Some instructors are better than others but they all give options for each move/position, to suit all skill levels.

  3. Honestly just find a yoga studio near your work or where you live, call them and tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll point you in the right direction

  4. I've tried YYOGA in Richmond and I really liked it. No pressure. Instructors came to say hi to me since I was new and asked about my yoga experience. I know they have some Vancouver locations too but still quite far from Coquitlam.

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