What opinion do you have of Vancouver that will have people come at you like this?

  1. We need more parking spots. I'm tired of the city constantly cutting down on parking spaces to make room for yet more bike lanes. Cyclists have ruined the city!

  2. To all the people downvoting you and asking for parking bans: I'd like to invite to you picture the desolate wasteland you'll be living in devoid of any businesses and culture. I think a balance needs to be struck here unlike you people who like to assume people who can barely afford their rents of $3000 for 500sqft or better yet the millionaires who live in penthouses above you are enough to keep the city alive, thriving and growing. Every week thousands of patrons flock to the downtown core and surrounding areas by car. That's not something that should be held in contempt.

  3. The fact the you have negative votes proves the point, haha. The bikes have gone too far with their ideological spirit, cars are just a way of life here. It’s so hard to find parking sometimes.

  4. Cars are the best man, we need to focus our infrastructure on them. These guys on bikes are ridiculous thinking that the world should revolve around them. Transit is great and all but with the society we live in we are lucky to make transit accessible for everyone in the next 50 years. Cars take regular people and their goods and services to the places they need to go.

  5. Maybe we just ban cars? They are a blight on cities. We should expand transit, covert streets to green spaces/urban parks, and eliminate the terror that cars cause.

  6. Interestingly a big portion of tax on parking fees and gas are used for transits. So if you want more public transit, we need more cars out there because for whatever reason, the public transit is not self sustaining. They always need money from elsewhere.

  7. The more we move away from a car centric city the better ppl will be off. Vancouver is just not doing it in the most effective way, right idea, wrong execution.

  8. The housing market is neither in crises nor overpriced. It only looks expensive because we insist on 5000 sqft houses instead of 800 sqft like a normal country.

  9. You need to do some research and get your facts right. Just because you needed to let your brainfart out doesn't mean it should be a reddit comment.

  10. Yeah. Honestly the housing here is somewhat cheaper than in comparable cities around the world. Try getting a single family home for under a million in Munich or Barcelona.

  11. Vancouver itself kinda sucks, and I'd never move there from Langley. Then again I dislike dense city life so I'm biased.

  12. You're getting down voted because most of the people here haven't had to rely on the medical system as much, they don't know. Unfortunate.

  13. I 100% agree. The worst medical system I experienced and it's only considered "good" because it's better than the US. That is a LOW standard to go by Canada. I still pay my home countries medical insurance so if I ever need to get an actual test done, I can.

  14. Yup, unless your goal is to buy a west side detached home. But that's not my goal so i live cheaper than I could anywhere else in the country

  15. The city of Vancouver proper is a terrible place to live and it’s totally and completely unsafe to visit the downtown core or Stanley park. There I said it!

  16. Much of the downtown core and certainly Stanley Park are not "unsafe" but I too do feel for Vancouver "proper" residents - the current mayor- Kennedy Stewart- such a pathetic dip stick I can't even....he can't even defend or represent the people paying the taxes for his position to even exist and becomes a stuttering mess when having to answer even basic questions...why do the the former crab park / now / again dtes residents deserve so much deferment...wtf I haven't been downtown since early July but to learn they actually did (really?...when) street sweeps and decided to stop (why?) how is Kennedy Stewart not first and foremost advocating for the buisness's and residents of the DTES who he has allowed their sidewalks to become a literal war zone / 3rd world country...and what they should shut up and pay their excessive nickel and dimed to death vancouver taxes??

  17. Not true about the whole downtown is unsafe, maybe 30%, mainly around East Hastings. It is generally safe if you mind your business and NOT wearing flashy outfit and jewelries.

  18. Isn’t the issue here that multiple properties are a source of income for singular entities? Shouldn’t we discourage landlords owning multiple properties so that we can invest in our homes instead of rent?

  19. So true, when I describe vancouver. It’s like mediocre in everything like every cuisine is decent. Nothing compares to true ethnic food when you travel 😂

  20. People here are so spoiled and entitled going grocery shopping in their Activewear sipping lates complaining how this city is boring and all dogs that are unleashed are an affront to their existence.

  21. So you don't like them being proud of the work they did at the gym? There are also worse beverages than a latte. Dogs should be leashed, unless you want to scare others.

  22. I'm with you on the spoiled and entitled latte-sipping bored people. Don't care about unleashed dogs if they're well behaved.

  23. Wtf. Pretentious and privileged. “Go back to the city/town your abusive ex/parents are from, you’re ruining my view!!!!!!”

  24. "my problems come from outside, not within" is a BC stereotype dating back to the head tax, and it's not strictly racist.

  25. Seriously could not agree more! Wish this was at the top. Between the months of october-april I literally have taken trips downtown and not seen ONE bike. Super fail.

  26. Yeah let’s ignore progressive issues like climate change. It’s completely fine that most of the lower mainland will be underwater in the next 20 years.

  27. Progressive would tackle homelessness. Conservatives would rationalize ignoring it by taking a libertarian stance and blaming them for it.

  28. Bus drivers in this city, generally speaking, are shitty at their job, assholes, and complain 10x more than they should about an easy job

  29. I wouldn’t say the job is easy, but they are really bad drivers. Just see how they continue accelerating when the light is clearly turning into red and then they slam on the breaks.

  30. Vancouver is the best city on earth. Find another world class city that offers big city amenities while being so close to the mountains and the ocean. People who disagree usually have never left the lower mainland.

  31. Apart from hiking there’s not much going on here, beaches are ugly as heck, the skyline is unremarkable at best, transit system suck beyond skytrain.

  32. Everyone that lives in Vancouver and has money from parents or priveledge behaves like an NPC. Fight me.

  33. No one disagrees. At some point if they refuse to go to shelters and get off the streets then they are a net negative. People don't want to walk through human feces to get to work.

  34. How would you suggest we do this? Give them those little stools that pop out from their legs when they sit back? So they can't slouch in a corner but rather sit up on a chair?

  35. Too many cars. There should be toll booths along long stretches of roads, and non-commercial vehicles with only one driver and no other passengers should pay full rates, half-price rates for vehicles with two people, and free for vehicles with three or more passengers.

  36. Hope you mean providing housing for the residents there and not pushing them out to somewhere else when they have nowhere to go…….

  37. Where do all the trucks go that bring everything into the city? Construction workers have to carry tools to sites? Once you start making exceptions where do you draw the line?

  38. Hard disagree. Cycling as transportation is affordable, good for the environment, good for the body, and gets people outdoors engaged with their urban environment. We need to make it easier for people, not harder.

  39. As someone who bikes I totally agree. The amount of times I have almost seen a cyclist get obliterated is too high and it's because they can't follow basic street signage.

  40. That this city is fucking boring most of the time (and I'm not even "young" anymore (30s), meaning that I don't party).

  41. It's a backwater westcoast village cosplaying poorly as a cosmopolitan world city like London, Singapore, or Paris.

  42. Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Coquitlam, New West, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge can be called "Vancouver".

  43. They are most definitely Vancouver. They are not separated from the rest of city. Langley is clearly not Vancouver and yet I woke up to an emergency alert from that area lol

  44. I find Vancouver cheap in that regard. You can see oceans and mountains… yet it’s cheaper then Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo etc.

  45. There are two kinds of people who hate bike lanes: shit drivers who cannot adapt to change, and people who hate to see other people exercising

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