"Oh my gosh, another emergency alert" [megathread]


  2. Yeah I said to my partner after that one that they should come up with like a softer pleasant tune or something for the "everything is okay now" message.

  3. My grandparents at a senior home thought the world was coming to an end. The resident seniors that have trouble with technology couldn't figure out how to turn it off. Also, with healthcare workers stretched thin as it is, visitors were helping the residents turn it off so the HCWs could carry on with their rounds.

  4. The same dimbulbs that decided the system would use ONLY the "presidential alert" equivalent setting up here, because that's the one you can't suppress.

  5. The messaging technology doesn't differentiate between the content of emergency messages. Phones play the same noise for any message received through the Wireless Public Alerting system.

  6. They need to make separate tier system like when it’s “safe”. I don’t want it going off on every update. I appreciate the initial update when there was an active shooting but it doesn’t have to go off like this making me think there is another active shooting or a tsunami is going to hit us in about 5 mins.

  7. There actually are different levels possible but Canada decided everything must be nuclear holocaust level. I want to be woken up for a natural disaster, have it break through do not disturb, but everything else not break through do not disturb and leave a message for me when I pick up my phone while sending off an alarm in non dnd mode

  8. “This is the all-clear alarm. This alarm will sound every 5 minutes as long as everything is all-clear”

  9. First one was absolutely necessary, second one was understandable, this one feels a little unnecessary?

  10. Just curious if you live in the area that this was happening at ? Perhaps you feel it was unnecessary because you don't actually live in the area ? But as someone who is, the latest alert gave me a peace of mind, especially where alot of information from the internet is questionable.. just a thought.

  11. I dont mind the alert system, but that last one was unnecessary. Both my work and cell phone exploded at the same time to let me know everything is fine.

  12. Getting mad that the police let us know that there was no longer an active shooter in Langley is probably the dumbest thing to get mad over.

  13. Meanwhile in Whistler we get the alerts for Langley, when absolutely NOTHING yesterday when we had multiple deaths in Whistler. a getaway car on fire (with gunman recorded on video shooting at public whilst escaping said car), and at large.....

  14. I read the Langley shootings started around midnight and it wasn't clear they were related until later, when the alert went out. I don't know the details of what happened in Whistler but I'm going to guess it didn't extend beyond 7 hours.

  15. The alert went out at 6:45am-ish, but the actual shootings started around midnight. The alert wasn’t as immediate as you think.

  16. Honestly this is exactly what the emergency alert system is for. It’s not even an inconvenience, can’t believe people are complaining about this

  17. This is the first time the alert was used, and I am sure many are grateful. Now we need to debrief and review constructivist criticism. There's always room for for logistical improvements. We don't want to over use this such that people begin ignoring it.

  18. Why have the same nuclear alert for a “suspect is taken care of” and an “all clear”? Even then why are we getting notified in victoria?

  19. Because it could be better? It's amazing we can get alerts on our phones now and see exactly what the problem is vs just a air raid siren or something. But our phones are also very capable machines. Why not utilize that?

  20. It’s for warning people of imminent danger and disaster. The one their morning made a modicum of sense (though I question why they bothered to alert the Gulf islands and Vancouver Island) the second one ok… the one just now was effectively an “All Clear” which went out with the same intensity as an “omg The megathrust earthquake to end the west coast has started “ message.

  21. Right! People will complain about everything. As someone who lives in the downtown langley area it was nice to get informed through these alert systems than other sources online where what is being reported is questionable.

  22. Right? Imagine complaining about being told everything is fine. Guaranteed if they didn't send an 'all ok' people would be complaining about that too, smh.

  23. Your username is my expression to your statement. This alert did not check my iCalender to see that I had blocked this time off for focus, and was neck-deep in code when this thing jumped me outta my seat for the second time today.

  24. People need to grow up. The RCMP didn’t issue any alerts in Nova Scotia and many people died. If they hadn’t issued alerts here everyone would be screaming. But a 10 second noise gets people ranting. For god’s sake stuff it!

  25. The issue isn’t with the alert, it was with the multiple follow up ‘all is clear now’ alerts that followed. The system is also broken in which some of us received 6+ “all is clear now” alerts, each with the jarring siren noise

  26. While I wasn't directly effected by this, I am glad they were able to use this system to warn people. Yes the last alert seemed a bit superfluous, but better to iron out the kinks with something "smaller" before it's something that effects a lot more people. I would rather one more alert than one less if it was needed.

  27. I don’t think people are angry at it in general. Rrather that there was an emergency alert sent out just to say that there was no longer an emergency.

  28. I only got the second one which was super ominous. “Stay out of the area”…WHAT AREA?? Had to Google to figure out what was going on

  29. Got the last alert during a job interview. The person being interviewed was out of province and had no idea what was going on (zoom call). It was fun :)

  30. I get that the system is supposed to alert people in case of an emergency, but I don’t think it’s use is warranted for messages of all clear. Was actually at the gym today, and at the same time 30+ phones started blaring this alarm, which could have screwed someone’s set seriously. If it was a real emergency, then yes, it is warranted. An all clear is not.

  31. My phone's always on vibrate. I slept through the first 2 and didn't feel the 3rd one. I only heard the 3rd "All clear" at library because everyone else's phone went off.

  32. anyone else get too freaked out that they hit the "ok" button to shut it up before they read the damn thing??

  33. Okay so this system is crap. I was casually swiping through my photo gallery when the alert popped up, and my casual swiping immediately dismissed the alert, with no way of bringing it back to read it.

  34. Whomever is in charge of these should be retrained. The original one was fine given the cricumstance although the suspect was already dead by that point. The second one was needless. Why do we need an emergent alert to tell us there is no more emergency? And the third one? Totally idiotic and incompetent. To keep sending these alerts like this will become akin to having a loud car alarm go off. No one looks or cares anymore.

  35. Ya i was thinking the same thing, pretty soon theyll be sending out these alerts to tell people that its going to be very windy and watch for falling branches. These kind of alerts should probably be saved for “Nuclear missles incoming” or “Category 9 earthquake” level stuff lol

  36. Even the first, though the language really needs work. First, it is in all caps which is much harder to read, secondly the phrasing was bad “multple shooting scnes in the downtown core” OMG I live downtown! “Langley” oh…

  37. No, they couldn't have. Your phone plays the Canadian Alerting Attention Signal for every alert received through the AlertReady system. It's the equivalent of saving a contact with a custom notification sound- your phone plays the designated sound for every message received from that contact. Your phone doesn't know the content of the message and the sender doesn't get to choose what type of notification you get.

  38. It is interesting to see people complaining about the emergency notification when the vast majority of people are inundated with all types of different app notifications all the freaking time at all times of day and night without a peep. Tell me what’s different other than just people wanting to complain about it, drawing a startling similarity to the social topics NIMBYists out there

  39. If only the rcmp over-corrected on all of their other past sins as well e.g. rampant sexual harassment, systemic racism

  40. There is no way to disable this emergency alert except maybe set phone to silent. So far it’s been amber alerts and a shooting in Langley. So every time there is a shooting somewhere my phone will go off like a fire alarm? This is crazy.

  41. You can disable alerts, look in your notification settings for wireless emergency alerts or something similar. Possibly under advanced settings or just search for it.

  42. Whenever it buzzes i am like did the aliens finally attacked and they are recruiting everyone for astronauts? But nope 😢

  43. Am I the only one that thinks that this system should not be used unless it's an absolute state of emergency. If everything is ok, release a statement and get the word out through the media ffs.

  44. Nope. If there’s an active shooter in my area I absolutely want to know and not have to wait until dailyhive posts it.

  45. I think I'm just going to turn my phone off at night if these keep happening. The last alert was not needed.

  46. See, my problem with this is what happens if there’s actually an EAS that’s relevant for my area? (ie. Midnight bomb threat in my neighbourhood, incoming tsunami)

  47. There were 3. First was an active shooter situation this morning in Langley, then a message a little later saying the police encountered a suspect who "is no longer a threat", but they need to see if there are more suspects so stay out of the area. Last message was hours later saying all clear and the area is safe again.

  48. Tbh, if the inflation and housing issue is not resolved, a lot of people that haven't experienced a hard time will be crazy.

  49. The whole point of the system is that everyone gets the alert. Yet so many people feel the need to screenshot and plaster it everywhere as if they are doing a public service.

  50. Im glad my phone was out of reach when that alarm struck, or else I wouldve dropped it over an “everything is ok”

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