currently homeless in downtown vancouver as a minor

  1. Heard of positive experiences at Covenant House. If you run into shitty people find another. Caring people are out there, those who will help or direct you to help. Take care 💪

  2. Call 211. They can help find you a bed for tonight. If they tell you there isn’t one, DM me and I will make some calls for you (downtown case manager here)

  3. I just learned about 211 a few weeks ago and I can’t believe I’ve never heard about it before. 211 is a super useful tool to connect you with all kinds of services, from youth-specific, to housing, to legal, to financial and food security.

  4. Even though it’s not housing-related, I would really encourage you to check out Foundry. Located at 1265 Granville street downtown. They serve young people aged 12-24 with mental and physical healthcare; you can see a nurse, physician, see a counsellor, or get employment supports. All of it is free. Although it’s to do with health and well-being I’m sure they would be very resourced with helping you put a plan together of next steps to ensure your safety (I am well connected to this organization).

  5. Hey op if covey has no beds available go to Directions youth service 1138 burrard st. They have a shelter and a 24 hour drop in space. If They don't have a bed They can at least provide a space to get out of the cold and have something to eat.

  6. I think most have been covered. If not here’s the list of safe houses: Directions(16+), youth haven (16+),marks place (13-15), north shore safe house, covenant (16+), all nations safe house (16+), aboriginal safe house (16+), Cyrus centre.

  7. There is hope. Stop taking codeine. Stop hating yourself. Give yourself a break and some love. Unless you were in an abusive situation, call your father and grandparents and tell them you’re safe. If it’s safe to, go home. I know it seems like you have a lot of runway now at 15, but addiction will quickly become your life. Quit now. Be kind to yourself and your body. You only get one.

  8. You can also call the crisis line and ask for resources! Hope you’re okay OP, message me if you need anything!

  9. Hey OP, lots of people have posted links already, and I think the easiest thing is calling one of the hotlines people have linked to and getting directions from there.

  10. I spent almost four months at Covenant House in Vancouver, I can confirm it's staffed with amazing people who want the best for you and will help you out to the best of their abilities. If you have any questions I can try my best to answer them for you! (If it helps, I'm also LGBT, if there were any issues related to that that you may be concerned about as well).

  11. There's lots of great suggestions in this thread already. Can I ask why you left your home to come to Vancouver? It's a very expensive city and can be challenging to settle here.

  12. If you are worried about being sent back to family or an unsafe situation, when calling covenant house or any supportive organization do the friend/brother/sister with your exact situation and ask what they(you) should do.

  13. Pls update us to let us know you got in and are safe, if/when you can. Some of us here may not be able to help, but we care, hopefully that means something.

  14. Whether this is your idea of "tough love" or you completely lack empathy the fact of the matter is that the priority right now is this frightened kid's safety. You don't know how far away from home she is nor what the circumstances are.

  15. You don’t know what kind of situation has led her to take drugs and leave home. Very presumptuous of you to assume her home life is fine and not a dangerous place to be.

  16. not to mention, codeine is a horribly bad idea, it is kind of the way to start on the path of the addicted and wasting away on the streets of east hastings life

  17. Is there a response they can give that will meet ur approval? Why does it matter thats their situation let's put out the house fire before we try n diagnose the cause...

  18. Look at her post history. She's a 15 year old drug addict who lives with her grandparents and father all of whom don't do drugs

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